(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, an older practitioner who has been cultivating Falun Dafa for many years suddenly developed serious diseases. He also found that his thoughts were muddled and he could no longer calm his mind. Fellow Practitioner A studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts together with him every day, but the results were not good. Afterwards, local practitioners also helped to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate any dark minions, rotten demons and the evil factors of the Communist Party's spirit behind him. However, days of effort ended in failure. Finally, the older practitioner reached a point where he began to cough whenever he tried to send forth righteous thoughts. The interference seemed to be quite serious. Then Practitioner A enlightened to the possibility that this practitioner might have signed some contract with the old forces in a previous lifetime, thus prompting the old forces' refusal to let go of him.

Practitioner A shared his idea with the practitioner, and suggested that whenever he sends forth righteous thoughts, he should add the idea of absolving himself of any contracts previously signed with the old forces, state that he would have nothing to do with the old forces from now on, and that he was closely following Master Li and steadfastly cultivating Falun Dafa. Soon afterwards, the older practitioner's disturbances disappeared and his mind could again become still. He had finally freed himself from the fetters of the old forces. I would like to remind fellow practitioners who have been disturbed by illness to learn from the above experience in order to avoid a torturous path and unnecessary losses, both for oneself and for Falun Dafa.

The above is only my individual understanding, submitted for your reference.