(Clearwisdom.net) After nearly two years of incarceration, brainwashing, and torture for her beliefs, Gao Rongrong, 37, died in the emergency room of China Medical University Hospital. Her grossly disfigured face- the result of torture by Chinese authorities in May 2004- was publicized around the world. Under the "defame their [practitioners'] reputation, bankrupt them financially and destroy them physically" genocide policy, Gao's death is the 2585th for Falun Gong practitioners in China and the 54th in Shenyang, as verified and confirmed by FDI. On June 21, some Falun Gong practitioners and human rights activists rallied in front of the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles to condemn the CCP's persecution and call upon the international community to help end the persecution.

Participants at the rally displayed banners that read "Severely punish the chief perpetrator Luo Gan and other murderers of Gao Rongrong," "Severely punish Tang Yubao and Jiang Zhaohua, who disfigured Gao Rongrong," "Calling on Consulate Staff to Support Chen Yonglin denouncing the CCP" and "Stop the persecution of Falun Gong", as well as Gao Rongrong's photos before and after the disfigurement. Renowned democracy activist and chief editor of "China Affair" Wu Fan, representative of Amnesty International Claremont College Chapter Sarah Cook and practitioners Wu Yingnian, Li Yofu and Brad Carson gave speeches at the rally.

In his speech, Wu Fan strongly condemned the CCP for murdering Falun Gong practitioners. Wu pointed out that the CCP acts much like the Nazi Gestapo, and it not only tortures and murders practitioners but also tries its best to cover up the crimes. The CCP tortured Gao Rongrong, grossly disfiguring her face in May 2004. In March 2005, the CCP arrested Gao again and tortured her to death because it wanted to eliminate evidence. Gao was subjected to the torture simply for her belief in Falun Gong. The CCP and its murderers must be held accountable.

Wu Fan, renowned democracy activist and chief editor of "China Affair"

Sarah Cook, Representative of Amnesty International Claremont College Chapter

Wu Yingnian, a professor of UCLA, narrated the story of Gao Rongrong: Gao was shocked in the face with electric batons for about 7 hours continuously by Tang Yubao and Jiang Zhoahua, guards at Longshan Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City. Her face was consequently disfigured. Gao was later rescued by practitioners, and her photos after disfigurement were made available to the public. Unfortunately, she was again arrested in March 2005 and died on June 16 of complications stemming from torture and abuse in custody.

Professor Wu pointed that the death of Gao Rongrong is another appalling crime committed by the Jiang regime and CCP against Falun Gong, and all the perpetrators will be held accountable in the near future. Wu said that in the past 6 years, the CCP has been rampantly persecuting Falun Gong practitioners and at the same time doing all it can to cover up the facts. The CCP has created an illusion of economic prosperity to divert the Chinese and international community's attention from the persecution. Gao's case is just a tip of the iceberg and there is like many more persecution facts that the public doesn't know yet.

·Practitioner Wu Yingnian, a professor of UCLA

Practitioner Li Youfu

Practitioner Brad Carson

Professor Wu called upon the international community to pay attention to this unprecedented persecution against innocent civilians and not to remain silent while facing the atrocities of the CCP. He said: "No matter who you are, whether you are in China or overseas, no matter if you are by yourself or part of an organization or a government, everyone should speak out against this persecution and help end it."

In his speech, practitioner Li Youfu urged those who are still assisting the CCP in the persecution to stop their wrongdoing right away. He said that all the evil involved in the persecution against Falun Gong will soon be gone, as the persecution cannot go on. We are determined to hold accountable all the perpetrators, no matter where they are and how they hide themselves.

Practitioner Brad Carson said that the CCP's cruel torture of Gao Rongrong is appalling, and Luo Gan is the chief perpetrator of this case. "Luo and other murderers must be brought to justice," he said. Brad expressed his hope that all kind-hearted people will condemn the persecution and help practitioners end it as soon as possible.

Sarah Cook, representative of Amnesty International Claremont College Chapter, said that the death of Gao Rongrong is not an isolated case. According to the Amnesty 2005 report, more than 2500 practitioners have been persecuted to death by the CCP since 1999. She called upon international organizations to take immediate actions to investigate the torture and murder of practitioners and bring all the perpetrators, including responsible high-ranking CCP officials, to justice.

Despite the publicity of Gao's torture death, Sarah believed that the U.S. government and the international community has done little in improving the human rights condition in China, and it was not a wise decision for the U.S. government not to propose a human rights motion against China during the Annual UN Human Rights Commission. She urged the U.S. government and the international community to pay close attention to human rights in China and pressure Chinese leaders to end the persecution and release all practitioners held in custody.