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Meanwhile, I have been pondering how such an absurd and vicious party culture could fool people? Fundamentally speaking, the CCP evil specter has thoroughly pinned down all human being's weaknesses as well as attachments to fame, personal interest and emotions. The CCP promised to let poor people hold the nation's power, and let educated people participate in political decision-making. In reality, the evil specter takes advantage of people's attachments to fame and personal interest, constantly making empty promises. Although people have been deceived again and again, their kindhearted side makes them believe that next time the promise will be kept. Additionally, mankind's greed for fame and personal interest also makes people hope there will be another chance. Furthermore, while the CCP makes promises, it also allows a few people to gain some small benefit, which is then used by the CCP as propaganda to cruelly attack other people and intimidate all. This is what we call the "carrot and stick" approach.

From the perspective of a practitioner, my understanding is that poverty and wealth can be changed. After karma is eliminated, a poor person can become a rich person. The Communist Party evil specter, however, promotes a different view. It aims to break such a natural state, to encourage the poor to attack the rich. During such attacks, poor people's demonic nature is further developed. Nostradamus said in his prophecy, "In the year 1999, seventh month, From the sky will come a great King of Terror... Before and after Mars reigns in the name of bringing people happiness." According to reasoning of beings within the three realms, it is a good thing for people to have a happy life in the surface dimension. However, according to higher Fa principles, human beings should return to their origin. Teacher taught us that the principles in the three realms are opposite to those in higher dimensions. The Communist Party evil specter utilizes the principles within the three realms to entice people with promises of providing a better life, so that people will not believe in the existence of higher beings. More specifically speaking, the evil specter is using the difference between principles within the three realms and those above the three realms to take advantage of the gaps in the three realms as well as the drawbacks of the old cosmos. The CCP is an evil entity that is against the universe itself.

With the many degenerated substances brought on by the party culture, Chinese people's social state is now totally different. Nowadays, the Chinese economy is said to be booming, with high-rise buildings and all sorts of fashionable trends, and everyone aims at making more money. The CCP evil specter also changed its appearance, got rid of its outdated clothes, and started wearing new make-up. By forsaking its previously established so-called good elements (such as teachings of uprightness, kindness, and hard work), it takes the approach of seeking immediate profit. In this way, it is attacking mankind's moral bottom line at the fastest speed. Some elderly people say that there used to be time in the early days of the CCP rule in China when people had high moral standards, and there was no need to lock the door of the house at night. Some practitioners are not clear on the CCP in this regard and think the CCP used to be good. Before the CCP severely destroyed morality, people had higher moral standards in the society than nowadays. But now, that higher moral standard is attributed to the influence of the CCP. "Attribute all the good things to the party--" this is actually a magic potion that the party culture has promoted. The CCP has deceived the past generation. Now, it is using new strategy to deceive a new generation, while letting the past generation recall and be fond of the days when they were deceived. This is an unprecedented lie made by the CCP evil specter.

After reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I felt that the Fa-rectification is making breakthroughs to the surface dimension. Time is very limited. I think the most important thing is to promote the Nine Commentaries. We can use many methods, such as faxes, phone calls, mailings, networking, etc., to help more people learn the truth.

In the beginning, I primarily sent faxes. I think that different levels of the Chinese government offices are highly controlled. Breakthrough is needed in such places. So I collected some central government committee members' contact information and faxed the Nine Commentaries to them.

Another way is to make phone calls. It is also a way to test our xinxing. At first I called my friends and relatives. About two weeks ago I called my mother. To my surprise, she had already heard of the Nine Commentaries. My mother asked me, "Did you join an anti-China organization? How come you don't love China after spending such a short time abroad?" I said, "China has 5,000 years of history, which is so deep and profound that even many foreigners admire it. How can I be against China? On the other hand, the CCP has destroyed the Chinese culture. You used to follow Confucianism. Haven't you found that Confucianism is no longer practical in China today?" She answered yes.

Then I said, "Do you know why. In the social environment created by the CCP, the good manners promoted by Confucianism are repelled. It is because it is a corrupt regime. Corruption drives the development of this regime. Sustaining such a situation only benefits some party members. The more upright a person is, the more he is repelled in the society. Workplaces are having strikes, farmers have a higher burden. Every day the propaganda emphasizes 'stability'. Who is the fundamental source of instability? In the past, a person could appeal and have their wrong treatment redressed. However, right now, the appeals office has become a place where people are arrested." After listening to my words, mother agreed on these points.

Above is some understanding of mine about the vicious Party culture. Because I have limited experience, please kindly point out anything improper.

May 31, 2005