(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999 when the Chinese government started persecuting Falun Gong, many Falun Gong practitioners have been detained at the Qinduankou Prison in Hubei Province. There, they have been subjected to various cruel tortures.

In November 2003, when police officer Zheng Mao and Lian Jinwen tried to force a practitioner to write articles denouncing Falun Gong, this practitioner refused to do so. Zheng Mao then ordered the inmates (inmates designated to monitor Falun Gong practitioners) to drag the practitioner into the guard duty officers' room and beat him. The criminal inmates slapped him on his face repeatedly until his face became swollen. Later, Zheng Mao ordered them to take him to the Strictly Supervised Team, where they continued to beat him. They even hit his head with a stool many times while holding his shoulders so that he could not duck.

In March 2004, when practitioner Mr. Wan Jixiang was detained at the Qinduankou Prison (he was called Zhou Chengjian in prison), he was tortured until he was in critical condition. Upon medical examination, Mr. Wan was found to have cancer of the nose as well injuries directly related to being beaten. But the police at the prison administrative office still dragged their feet, delaying the paperwork required to release him on bail for medical treatment. Under the extreme torment and having to labor intensively, Mr. Wan's hair turned gray and a pain in his left ear became unbearable. Wan Jixiang passed away on May 24, 2005 after he was released on medical bail.

Jiang Guangxiang from Ezhou was subjected to various brutal tortures, including being forced to stand in a riding stance, carrying heavy loads on his back, and sleep deprivation. Sometimes they even hung an over-fifty-Jin (over 56 lb.) water bucket on his neck, and forced him to stand for several hours. The mark left on his neck is still visible.

In March 2005, Chief Zheng of the Fourth Division and instructor Lian Jinwen ordered a dozen inmates to take turns beating up practitioner Min Changchun in order to force him to "transform." The police claimed that they would "transform" him, whatever it would take. Due to the round-the-clock torture, Mr. Min's body was deformed, with the upper part severely injured, his abdomen swollen and his condition critical. The vicious people had to send him to Wuhan Hongshan Prison Hospital on February 22. On March 21, Mr. Min was transferred from Qinduankou Prison Hospital to the Hubei Province General Prison Hospital. After examination there, Mr. Min was diagnosed with severe injury to the pancreas, injury to the spleen, massive pleural and peritoneal effusions, and edema of the feet and legs. On March 4, Min Changchun underwent emergency surgery and was unconscious for several days. At one point, the hospital notified his family that Mr. Min was in critical condition.

On May 29, 2005, in the Strictly Supervised Team of the Fourth Division, two inmates, He Zuchuan and Wu Jiabing ruthlessly beat Falun Gong practitioners in an attempt to find out the source of some Falun Gong materials. As a result of the beatings, a practitioner suffered a skull fracture and was in critical condition. To prevent the news from leaking out, the guards put him in solitary confinement to cover up their crimes. Meanwhile, in order to protect themselves they lied to the authorities, saying that they had already punished the inmates who injured the practitioner. He Zuchuan was the primary person responsible for beating practitioners Zhou Jianwu, Zhang Qingming and others in the Third Division in 2004.

June 5, 2005