(Minghui.org) Minghui has recently added a service to enable “article submissions through the website” to provide a convenient channel for readers in mainland China, especially those who don't have email accounts and those who have difficulty obtaining overseas mailboxes using the English language. To address the problem with information verification associated with anonymous submissions, we will provide a “Minghui mailbox” on the Chinese website.


To apply for a Minghui mailbox, please go to http://webmail.minghui.org or https://webmail.minghui.org


Because these new web pages are blocked by the Chinese Communist Party, fellow practitioners in mainland China first need to break the Internet blockage with Dynaweb, Ultrareach, Gardennetworks, or other tools before you can reach the Minghui mailbox service.


Please note the following:


1. Restrict usage of Minghui mailbox to communication between Minghui and readers only.


2. No communication between Minghui mailboxes, please. No communication between Minghui mailbox and other mail accounts, please.


3. Users can send emails to themselves to store files temporarily. However, we don't encourage saving any file with personal information.


4. Each mailbox has 50MB total storage space for now, counting all folders. Users may not be able to receive new emails when their mailbox size approaches the quota. Users need to delete emails to make room for new emails. (If you need more storage space, please send us your request.)


5. Current mailbox size is displayed on the upper lefthand corner of the window. Please note the size doesn't update automatically as you delete emails. Press the “refresh” button on your browser to see the updated size.


6. The maximum size for each attachment is 10 MB. Multiple attachments are allowed.


7. Mailboxes and emails will be deleted after two months of no activity.


The rules above are subject to change. Please see the Minghui website for updates.


Minghui Technical Department

 April 18, 2005