Mar 29, 2005

On February 28, 2005, Purdue University student Meng Xiangji, received news that her mother, Liu Guifu, had been arrested by six policemen in the Beijing Haidian District for practicing Falun Gong. The policemen also confiscated her mother's personal property. Up until March 24, the authorities had not yet notified Meng Xiangji's stepfather as to her whereabouts or the reason for her arrest. During the past few weeks, Meng Xiangji has called the Beijing Haidian District Police Station 30-40 times, to inquire about her mother's whereabouts and was refused information each time.

A China-based Epoch Times reporter also called the Beijing Police Station more than 10 times, but could not find out anything about Liu Guifu. Several of Meng Xiangji's overseas friends made inquiries and discovered that Liu Guifu was detained in the Haidian Disctrict Detention Center, which is under the Preliminary Trial Branch's jurisdiction. Another Falun Gong practitioner, Beijing university teacher Zhao Xin, died after being beaten by the same Haidian Detention Center policemen. Because of this case, and the fact that the Haidian Preliminary Trial policemen beat her mother, Meng Xiangji is very worried about her mother's safety.

Beijing Police Are Unaware of the Worldwide Prosecution of Falun Gong's Persecutors

The China-based Epoch Times reporter made more than 10 telephone calls, to the Yuanmingyuan police station, the Quinglongqiao police station that arrested Liu Guifu, the Haidian Detention Center, the National Security Guard, which manages Falun Gong affairs, the Haidian and the City Public Security Bureau News Department, and other related units. Although this reporter was not able to learn anything about Liu Guifu, she discovered something in common among these policemen. First, they had no knowledge of current affairs outside of China; second, that they would not identify themselves; third, they refused to talk to reporters; and lastly, they often tried to deny that they were a police unit. At the same time, the Police Station News Department was very concerned about how many people would see the report on Liu Guifu, and how wide its distribution would be.

These policemen knew little about the worldwide charges against Jiang and his followers, knew nothing about the newly established international laws governing genocide that were enacted after the Nuremberg trials, its definition and the offender's punishment; knew nothing about the fact that some of their high officials, including Beijing Mayor Liu Qi, had already been judged guilty in court, and if he visits the United States, he will be arrested. They certainly knew nothing about the Gansu Province Provincial Party Committee secretary Su Jong, who was sued by Falun Gong practitioners, but refused to appear in court during his Zambia visit. After the Zambian Police Department issued an arrest order, Su Jong crossed the border to escape the arrest, and covertly returned to mainland China. After hearing about this, the policeman had nothing to say.

The National Security Bureau that manages Falun Gong affairs declared that their telephone numbers were supposed to be kept secret, and not to be given out. How could an inquiring reporter obtain their secret telephone number? The National Security Bureau firmly insisted that they would not talk to a reporter.

Meng Xiangji Worries About Her Mother's Safety

A friend of Meng Xiangji found out that Liu Guifu was being held in the Haidian Detention Center and was in the midst of her preliminary hearing at that time. Meng Xiangji stated, "By penetrating mainland China's tight communication blockade, I was able to talk with my mother. I came to know about her persecution in Beijing's detention center and the labor camp by "reading between the lines" of her broken words. In the detention center, she was once beaten down to the ground and stepped on."

Among the numerous notorious crimes of the Beijing Haidian Detention Center, the most famous is the death case of a female teacher, also a Falun Gong practitioner, Zhao Xin. In 2000, Zhao Xin, 32, a teacher at the Beijing Engineering and Commerce University Economics Department, was arrested in the park when practicing Falun Gong exercises. The Haidian Detention Center policemen hit her and fractured three of her cervical vertebra. Her whole body was paralyzed and one eye blinded. At year's end, Zhao Xin died after being on life support for six months. Meng Xiangji cited Zhao Xin's death case and the fact that her mother had been beaten by the Preliminary Trial policemen, to explain why she was so deeply worried about her mother's safety.

The Beijing Policemen Do Not Know the Consequences of Their Behavior

At mention of the CCP's blockade of information, Meng Xiangji says this stirs her emotions at a deep level. She said, "They (the policemen) do not know that this kind of criminal action of theirs will be investigated. They do not know the existence of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong. They did not know that once they are found guilty by an overseas court, such as a U.S. court, they could not set foot in the that nation, not to mention that their overseas accounts would be frozen for compensation."

Meng Xiangji has appealed to many people for assistance to help rescue her mother. She indicated that she had also made contact with various levels of the U.S. government.