(Minghui.org) Minghui Weekly and its local editions are urgently recruiting experts in screen printing plate-making from mainland China. The purpose is to provide ready-to-print materials for truth-clarification material printing sites, especially those run by individuals and families in mainland China.


According to feedback from mainland China, Minghui Weekly has been well received by readers in mainland China, largely because of its lively but impressive layout design, ever since it was launched on February 3 of this year. Falun Dafa practitioners in China like to use it as truth-clarification material and make their own local versions. It created great a great opportunity for Dafa practitioners around the world to cooperate and create one body without form(1).


The next thing we need to do is to increase circulation and reduce costs so that more people can print it out in large quantities. We would like to make the following clear to Dafa disciples in mainland China:


1. Minghui Weekly has both pictures and text, suitable for online reading and color ink jet printing, but it is not the best for laser printing or screen printing. Though color ink jet works the best, it limits production because it costs more than laser printing and screen printing.

2. Screen printing is simple, low cost, and allows for quick, large-scale production. This is why “Heaven and Earth” and other Minghui supplements have been providing an online reading version and a print version, as well as a screen-printing version.

For example, one person can print the front and another the back pages at the same time if screen-printing is used. Just a couple of people can produce a box of printed materials (8,000 pages counting front and back) in just one day. But an ink jet printer can only produce several hundred pages in a day, and it stresses the printer. 

Besides, screen printing doesn't require technological skill, another reason screen printing is easier to use. 

3. The shortcoming of screen printing is its inability to print sophisticated color pictures. Some practitioners have suggested replacing pictures with pencil drawings while keeping the layout of Minghui Weekly, or processing the pictures to fit screen printing. It will meet the need for large-scale production in mainland China while retaining the style of Minghui Weekly.


Fellow practitioners in mainland China, please use your expertise to help make screen-printing possible.


We hope fellow practitioners in China and overseas who have firsthand experience making newsletters, flyers, and brochures will share your ideas, submit content, and help with any other ways.


Minghui Editorial Office

March 7, 2005



(1) One body without form - Falun Dafa is no longer an organization in mainland China since Master did the paperwork to withdraw from the Beijing Qigong Institute in the spring of 1996. Spreading Dafa and self-cultivation are coordinated on a voluntary basis. The Great Way takes the path of No Form. It has been even more formless since the persecution was launched in 1999. There is no concrete entity.