(Clearwisdom.net) Currently, Falun Gong practitioners detained in the Fifteenth (upper section) and the Third (lower section) Prison Wards of Qinduankou Prison in Hubei Province are being brutally tortured.

Liu Wensheng, the political instructor of the Fifteenth Prison Ward, used to be in charge of the persecution of practitioners in the Seventeenth Ward (which is for new inmates). He instigated the common criminal inmates to savagely beat practitioners.

Chen Chuanhong, formerly the political instructor of the First Prison Ward, is now the political instructor of the Third Prison Ward. He ordered Yang Wenjun (a criminal inmate) to brutally beat practitioners Fu Lulin and Cai Zidong and was praised by the prison system for it. After he was transferred to the Third Ward, Chen was directly responsible for torturing practitioner Hong Weisheng to the point of disability. At the end of 2004, practitioners Zhou Jianwu, Zhang Qingming and several other practitioners were brutally tortured by Chen Chuanhong for publicly protesting against the persecution. Quite a few practitioners were beaten in the prison yard and were later put in solitary confinement and monitored by the "Strict Discipline Team." Following the prison guards' orders, inmates viciously beat practitioners day and night. One inmate struck practitioners so hard and often that his hands became swollen. Practitioner Zhou Jianwu's feet were shackled for several months, preventing him from standing up straight. In 2005, after Chen Chuanhong returned to the Third Ward, he continued to torture practitioners.

Inmate Yang Wenjun has already paid a price for torturing practitioners. He was found using and trafficking in drugs inside the prison and was put in a small confinement cell for over half a year. The reduction of his prison term, previously granted as a reward for torturing practitioners, was also nullified.

On January 19, 2005, following the prison guards' orders, the prisoners' leader, Yang Guoxiang, teamed up with fellow inmate Wang Yangui to beat practitioner Zhou Jianwu. Afterwards, Zhou Jianwu told Zhang Jingsong, the head of the prison's political section, about the beating. Zhang Jingsong didn't take any action. As of this moment, the beatings of practitioners in the Third Ward is still going on.

Responsible prison guards: Chen Chuanhong, Zhang Jingsong, Qi Jianxiong.

Responsible inmates: Yang Wenjun, Yang Guoxiang.

The following diagram shows how the persecution of practitioners was carried out at different levels in the prison.