In a certain village in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, there was a party secretary who was very receptive to Dafa after practitioners told him the facts about Dafa and the persecution. One day a practitioner saw him holding some Dafa banners and going back home. The secretary told the practitioner, "I know Dafa is good. These banners have been hanging in our village for several days. I pretended not to see them. However, today some town officials came for an inspection, so I had to remove the banners. But I didn't throw them away, nor did I turn them in. What should I do with them?" The practitioner told him either to save the banners in a safe place or give them back to the practitioners. Then the secretary gave all the banners back to the practitioner.

Several days ago a practitioner attended a wedding reception. He talked about the persecution to the people sitting at the same table as he. A village party secretary said, "I still have several Dafa books." The practitioner asked if he could return the books to practitioners and he agreed to it. Later when the practitioner went to pick up the books from him, he asked practitioners to pay attention to their safety.