(Minghui.org) The evil spirit of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) chooses to go against Dafa, and is doomed to be thoroughly eliminated by all of the cosmos's gods before the Fa reaches the human world. All the world's people who have joined the CCP or various Party organizations for various reasons bear the mark of the evil, the mark of the beast, as a result. If they can promptly withdraw from the Party, the Youth League and Young Vanguard League, and erase the evil markings, when earthshaking changes occur in near future in the human world, and when the doomsday of the evil party arrives, they can escape from the calamity brought by the CCP.

People in Mainland China who might find it dangerous, or who temporarily do not want to publicize their status and names can use aliases, pen names, pseudonyms, even childhood names or abbreviations to declare their withdrawal from the Party, the Youth League and Young Vanguard League overseas. Dafa disciples in Mainland China who want to declare their withdrawal from the Party after seeing clearly the nature of the evil spirit can also do so.

Gods are benevolent to people, and only look at their hearts, so while withdrawing from the Party, a person's alias has the same effect as his other names. If the world's people choose to continue to be one element of the evil Party, that means they choose to be eliminated together with the Party at the appointed time, and lose their futures. Those who choose to withdraw from the Party and erase the beast's marks on their bodies as soon as possible will have chosen a future for themselves.

People who bear the mark of the beast: Please seize this fleeting historic opportunity.


February 17, 2005