(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of 2004, about ten Dafa disciples gathered together, opening our hearts, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences within the Fa for more than 3 hours. We will not name the location for the sake of safety.

Everyone spoke enthusiastically. We reviewed our cultivation during these several years of helping the Master rectify the Fa with righteous thoughts. We sincerely experienced and deeply felt that our benevolent great Master had been protecting us every moment.

One man talked about how he had never slacked off in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. He always rose at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning to do the exercises, and so progressed smoothly and steadily until today during the Fa-rectification.

Another practitioner, who was nearly 70 years old, had to care for a child full time, so he went out with the child during the daytime to clarify the truth. After the child fell asleep at night, he studied the Fa, practiced the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts.

People were moved by what they said. One practitioner felt that she herself did ok at clarifying the truth, but did not devote time to studying the Fa, and was unwilling to do the exercises.

In view of these situations, one practitioner said, "Having helped the Master rectify the Fa until today, we should not slack off on studying the Fa. During the brutal years of persecution, so many fellow practitioners have lost their lives; so many fellow practitioners have been imprisoned and tortured for a long time. Some of their lives are still in danger. Overseas practitioners have devoted themselves whole-heartedly to validating Dafa, taking action to end the persecution. In the hot summer, or in the piercing cold winds of winter, they kept relentlessly practicing the exercises, sending righteous thoughts, clarifying the truth, and holding candlelight vigils in front of Chinese embassies or consulates in various countries; Master even delivered water to the students. What reason do we still have not to do well?!"

Some practitioners raised the issue of the old forces' various disturbances, such as the question of sickness karma and so on. After discussion, everybody agreed that if the old forces used sickness karma, or other disturbances appeared, we all needed to deny it completely and eradicate it, and steadily fulfill the three things Master told us to do. It is hard to endure, but you can endure it. It is hard to do, but you can do it. Firmly believe in the Master, firmly believe in Dafa, then one can certainly experience the shade of willows and the bloom of flowers, and walk one's own cultivation path.

We discussed problems in our city during the Fa rectification. We realized that since the Fa rectification had reached its final stage, we should not confine ourselves to our own small group. Practitioners need to communicate well, find our own shortcomings and promptly correct them. We need to help any fellow practitioners who are going astray or even "enlightening" along an evil path, to regain their clear-headedness. We must improve together. Let Dafa disciples in our city form one complementary and unbreakable body, and disintegrate all the evil manipulators and rotten ghosts in other dimensions that have damaged Dafa and persecuted Dafa disciples. Lend the strength of our righteous minds to the final battles of good and evil at Beijing and New York. Enhance the momentum to expose the evil, clarify the truth, and save more sentient beings. Closely follow Master's Fa rectification process.

Finally let's encourage each other with a poem of Master's in Hong Yin (II):

Be Rational, Awaken

Rest momentarily for self-reflection, add righteous thoughts
Analyze shortcomings explicitly, advance again whole-heartedly

(Provisional translation subject to improvement)