(Clearwisdom.net) When little Huihui was born she became a newsmaker because she could clearly say the word "Mama." Mama lost her job during pregnancy. Mama had just begun to practice Falun Dafa when she encountered the cruel persecution. Mama saw through the evil lies. She totally put herself in Dafa. Every day she studied, copied or recited the Fa and practiced with her whole family.

As little Huihui grew up she studied the Fa with her family every day. Little Huihui is totally different from other children. She never cries or makes noise, just silently plays by herself. She is not only playing, though; after studying the Fa she will immediately ask some questions, "the virtue (De) is white matter, right? All the things that practitioners gain are good and all the things that practitioners lose are bad, right? If one wishes to cultivate, he must endure, right? The kindest and best man is our Master!"

Huihui goes to kindergarten. She insists on taking an amulet with her. One day when she arrived at the kindergarten, she took the amulet out and asked her teacher to read the words on it. Then she solemnly told her teacher, "I am a practitioner. In the future I can get my fruition and go up to the heaven, right?" These words got her in trouble. Several other children heard this. Unexpectedly, they laughed at Huihui and hit Huihui while playing. They shouted loudly, "You fly up to the sky, now!" Little Huihui really followed the principle of "Forbearance." She did not hit back or tell the teacher while she was crying. She just said carefully, "I have not finished my cultivation yet. When I finish my cultivation I can go up to heaven."

Little Huihui is miraculous in reciting Hong Yin. Sometimes after the adults recite a poem to her once, she can remember it. She doesn't mix up the dozens of Hong Yin poems. Once, when she came back from kindergarten, Huihui asked her grandmother to teach her a poem. Grandma asked her who told her of this poem. Huihui carefully said that no one told her of this poem, she just wants to learn. After Grandma read it to her only twice, Huihui could fluently recite it. Then Grandma asked her why she could recite it so easily. She carefully replied, "I have learned this poem." Grandma asked everybody in the family but no one had mentioned the poem to Huihui before. This kind of thing happened more than once.

As of this year Huihui is stricter with herself. Whatever she is doing, if someone just tells her a young practitioner should not do this, she will stop it at once. We are surprised that five-year-old Huihui can be strict with herself on everything she does. Once, when Mama asked Huihui to do a Pinyin dictation, she forgot one Pinyin letter and cried. Once again Grandma taught Huihui poems from Hong Yin. Huihui made a mistake and she cried again. Grandmother discovered that Huihui had an attachment to perfection and the desire to excel. She patiently explained to Huihui that the attachments to desires to excel/perfection must be gotten rid of. Huihui should work hard on things she cannot do well. Crying can do nothing. Little Huihui dried her tears and said, "Grandma, I'm wrong. Can I recite it again?"

Last month little Huihui and Mama went to attend a wedding. She felt a headache. Mama wanted to take her back to home. Little Huihui told Mama, "It does not matter. I am reciting 'Dafa is great.'" I'm clearing it." Later Mama discovered that Huihui had a fever and took Huihui back to home. At home Huihui laid in bed and said to grandma not to worry too much; that she is constantly reciting 'Dafa is great' and she is clearing away these bad things. Then grandma took her temperature. It was a high fever and is a little bit worried. Huihui asked grandma to play Master's video teachings to her on the TV. Huihui gradually slept. Several hours later Huihui's high fever disappeared.

A conversation between Mama and the kindergarten teacher makes us realize that Little Huihui really is a practitioner. She is not only cultivating herself, but also using her actions to validate Dafa. The teacher told Little Huihui's mother, "Huihui surprised me. I cannot express how a young child can do so well! She is smart, lovely, sensible and obedient. She is not only doing well, but also very tolerant. She can get along with all the children and she wishes to help others. Her behavior is not like that of a child." All the people know that all of Huihui's family members are Dafa practitioners. Huihui also tells people many times that she is a practitioner, and that all Dafa practitioners are good and kind.