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Persecution Escalates in Guangdong Province


During Hu Jintao's September 2005 visit to North America:

1. On the Eve of Hu Jintao's Visit:

It was learned that more than 500 police officers and even soldiers from the Anti-chemical and Biochemical weapon Troops were dispatched to Guangzhou City to persecute Dafa practitioners. Luo Gan personally ordered the dispatch.

Persecution of Dafa Disciples in Qianxi County, Tangshan

( Since 2004, evil Party members from the Qianxi County 610 Office, the county police department and the National Security Bureau have continued to carry out the Party's persecution policy, forcing the residential administration office and the village and township administration offices to conduct surveillance, tap telephones, monitor homes, and play many other dirty tricks to persecute Dafa disciples. There were several incidents when Dafa disciples were illegally arrested and held for two years. They have now committed new crimes against Dafa and Dafa disciples.

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