(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Qin, the former chief engineer at Shanghai Shengde (a plastics material company), is a kind person who likes to help others. However, in the last 5 years, he was put under surveillance once, kept under house arrest four times, illegally arrested five times, and sentenced to four years in jail. After his release, he was arrested again and detained at the Minhang Police Station Detention Center. Family visitations have not been allowed.

Mr. Zhang Qin, 50 years old, originally was the company's technical backbone and held such positions as the quality control division head, chief engineer, and assistant office director. It was because of his persistence in practicing Falun Gong and believing in "Truthfulness, Compression and Tolerance," that he has experienced brutal persecution for years. During the time when he was detained at the Jingan District Police Station in October 1999, the police took turns brutally beating him because he remained steadfast about practicing Falun Gong.

At the end of 1999, Mr. Zhang was detained at the Xuhui District Police Department. During his detention, policeman Qiu was not satisfied with the answer Mr. Zhang gave, "Falun Gong is not a cult." Qiu then kept slapping Mr. Zhang's face, more than 200 times, until he was too tired to raise his hands. On another occasion, Mr. Zhang was forced to write down word for word the so-called "behavior rules" and "the two explanations" (from the Supreme People Procuratorate and Supreme Court). He had to continue writing without meals and sleep until the guard said he could stop.

In March of 2001 Mr. Zhang was arrested for the fourth time for posting Dafa Flyers, and was detained at the Xuhui Detention Center. He remained steadfast about Falun Gong and denied any wrongdoing. As a result, he was forced to stand up straight with his face to the wall for six day and nights. When Mr. Zhang expressed slight resistance the guard punched and kicked him until he lost consciousness. His feet were swollen and were suppurating water and blood. He was in critical condition. The police feared that he might die at the center. They contacted his family and told them that he had a serious infection due to his athlete's foot, that he needed immediate medical attention, and that he might lose his feet. The police also ordered the family to send 500 yuan for his medical care. The 76-year-old parents missed their son terribly and this news frightened them. The family quickly collected 500 Yuan and sent it over, but the police refused to issue them a receipt for the money.

Mr. Zhang slowly recovered after the emergency care and his stay in the hospital. However, before he was released from the hospital (on September 29, 2001) the Shanghai Xuhui District Court (2,001) sentenced Mr. Zhang to four years in prison on the charge of "destroying the execution of the law; a crime using a cult organization," (#229 Judgment documentation).

Mr. Zhang served his sentence at the Shanghai Tilan Jail. At the beginning of his term he was beaten daily for 2 hours by either the prison guards or the inmates, who were ordered to do so by the guards. The guards there had been specially trained to punch the muscular areas of the body or areas where the effects of the beating could not be seen and would not be life threatening or lead to sequela. This kind of violence continued unrestrained until his relatives outside of China came to visit him in prison. Mr. Zhang completed this 4-year term and was released on December 30, 2004. However, while at home, he still was a target of persecution. Frequently, the district or residential officials would come to visit and interrogate him about his activities.

On November 8, 2005 the Shanghai Minhang Police arrested Mr. Zhang again under the same charge. He is being detained in the Shanghai Minhang Police Detention Center. No family visitation is allowed and no details have been reported.

Mr. Zhang's parents, now in their 80s, are extremely anxious and tremble with fear daily since hearing this sad news from the police. With their only son detained, and with their daughter, son-in-law and daughter-in-law living outside of China, the parents have difficulty in their daily living. Mr. Zhang's relatives who live outside of China do not understand how a practitioner who, "when hit does not hit back, when scolded does not talk back," destroys the execution of the law and why, when the "people's police" hit people, it is not seen as a violation of the law but is instead seen as law enforcement.