(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Yuling from Dongfeng County, Jilin Province, was unlawfully sentenced to 13 years in prison for persisting in her belief in Truth, Compassion, Forbearance. For the past three years the police have never notified her family about her incarceration and have never allowed them to visit her. Her family inquired in all sorts of places for over a year and finally found out that she is being held at a "labor reeducation" hospital. Since June 2004 her family has gone to the hospital many times but the police refuse to let them see her. Following is her story.

Ms. Wang Yuling is 50 years old. Officers from the Chaoyang District No. 2 Criminal Police Group and Division 1 of the Changchun City Police Department illegally arrested her on August 15, 2002. The police tortured her on the tiger bench for nine days and took turns torturing her. They tied her hands with plastic bands, burned her, beat and kicked her, poured cold water on her, and shocked her with 30,000-volt electric baton(s), which made her lose consciousness. She came to after one of her veins was cut open at No 3 Hospital, which is affiliated with Changchun Medical University. Since then she has suffered from severe cardiac ischemia.

In the three plus years since 2002, Ms. Wang has often been at death's door because of heart disease. She would recover slightly after several days of hospitalization, at which time the police would take her back to the No. 3 Detention Center. They sent her to the hospital only when she was again at the brink of death. She has been in and out of the hospital for two years.

Ms. Wang was very healthy and weighed over 154 pounds before the police abducted her. Due to savage torture, her hair is now completely white and most of her teeth have fallen out. She is severely hunchbacked and cannot take care of herself. Her hands and feet are cold and pale, and her whole body is swollen. She now weighs 88 pounds and often faints. She has also been diagnosed with gallstones and a stomach ulcer.

Despite her condition, the police still tried several times to send her to the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp. The labor camp refused to accept her because of her poor health. Authorities from the No. 3 Detention Center wanted to release her on a medical parole, but the police department, the Chaoyang District Procuratorate, and the Chaoyang District Court refused to grant it.

Before the persecution, Ms. Wang lived with her husband, son, and her mother-in-law. Her husband has femur necrosis and was laid off without any income. Her mother-in-law is in her 70s. Ms. Wang was the breadwinner of the family and also her husband's and her mother-in-law's caregiver. Her son fell ill and later died from shock and grief at his mother's brutal persecution.

Ms. Wang Yuling used to be the owner of a cake factory and had about 40,000 yuan in liquid capital. After she was abducted, the police ransacked her home and took all the valuables, including two cars and all of the cash.

Her husband cannot work due to his illness. He and his mother live on her pension of about 400 yuan a month.