(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since former president Jiang Zemin and his gang of scoundrels started the persecution of Falun Gong, Shenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau chief Jia Shuangwan, and bureau members Zhang Yuanxiang, Yong Xiaodiu and others have been carrying out vicious persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. From 1999 up to the present, senior police officers including Jia and Zhang have been breaking into law-abiding practitioners' residences and taking them to the police station for interrogation. They attempt to extort confessions through torture. Falun Gong practitioners who were "illegally arrested" have been subjected to inhuman torture and persecution.

The means used to persecute practitioners are brutal. The authorities frequently handcuff practitioners to water pipes and incite vicious people to grab practitioners by the hair and bang their heads against the concrete walls. Oftentimes, as a result of this abuse, the floor is covered in clumps of the victims' hair. The persecutors also strike the practitioners in the face continually until they are covered in swollen injuries that take several days to heal. Sometimes, practitioners' mouths are shocked with electric batons. These ordeals often leave charred, bloody blisters on the practitioners' mouths, which makes it impossible for them to eat anything for several days. They also beat the practitioners with thick clubs until the clubs break in half. Some practitioners were viciously assaulted while being handcuffed. They were continuously kicked until they fell to the floor, after which seven or eight police officers with electric batons would mercilessly shock the fallen victim until their entire body became numb. The electric shocks would also make the victim vomit.

Another torture employed by Jia and Zhang was to bind the practitioners' thumbs with phone wire, and apply electricity to shock the victims. The electric shock torture makes the victims feel extreme pain, their whole body becomes numb, and they become nauseated. The perpetrators also lift the victims up, hang them in the air and then drop them to the ground repeatedly. These torture methods disfigure and disable many practitioners, causing permanent damage. Dafa practitioner Ms. Sun Li'en was compelled to take her own life by jumping from a building after being subjected to such inhuman torture. [Editorial comment: The principles of Falun Dafa require all practitioners to treasure life. One must not commit suicide or injure oneself to escape torture and persecution, even under the most extraneous circumstances. However, Jiang's scoundrel gang brutally tortures good people, and causes such extreme pain that sometimes a good person will suffer a collapse and behave badly, doing things that they would never do under normal circumstances.] In this environment, Dai Lianwei was persecuted to the point of a mental collapse.

In the spring of 2005, several Dafa practitioners who had been illegally arrested in Shenzhou earlier once again suffered inhuman torture at the hands of Jia and Zhang. The practitioners were each illegally fined 5,000 - 10,000 yuan before they were released. The Hengshui police also frequently threatened the practitioners, saying that if they refused to be "transformed" and refused to pay the illegal fines, they would be sent to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. The Hengshui and Shenzhou police plotted to divide the money extorted from innocent practitioners, and they also shared the task of beating, verbally abusing and threatening practitioners, using hypocritical deceit. The methods they engaged in were extremely vicious and cruel.

On the evening of October 11, Jia and Zhang, together with Yang Xiaodiu and Hengshui Public Security officials, once again went to Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Lanming's home, and without showing any procedural identification, confiscated his business computers and took him to the city detention center. That same night, these gangs of lawless police also made a stop at Dafa practitioner Zhang Xingcha's home with the intention of doing harm. Fortunately, Zhang Xingcha was not home and therefore the authorities could not carry out their plan.

October 15, 2005