(Clearwisdom.net) The police in Yanshan County, Hebei Province closely follow the persecution policies against Falun Gong initiated by former leader Jiang Zemin and his regime. They illegally search Falun Gong practitioners' homes, brutally beat them, and subject them to all manner of painful tortures including burning practitioners with cigarettes, nailing bamboo spikes into practitioners' fingernails, and beating them with electric batons. In the authorities' efforts to try and "reform" Falun Gong practitioners, practitioners are severely tortured both physically and mentally. Some have been forced to leave home to avoid persecution.

1. Police Abuse: Carrying out the Evil Party's Policies

On January 1, 2002, Yanshan County police searched Dafa practitioner Liu Huanjie's home for no reason. They stole many of Mr. Liu's possessions, including his sewing machine, television, leather suitcase, watch, and other valuable items. On September 29, 2002, a plain-clothed policeman entered Liu Huanjie's yard by climbing over the wall. Without a warrant, he arrested Liu Huanjie along with his entire family, which included a child, and took them to Yanshan Police Station. The police inflicted cruel tortures on them for four days and three nights. Seven days later, more than 10 policemen, including Team Leader Wang Yixin, Head of the Armed Team Liu Weidong from Cangzhou City National Security Section, and Team Head Wang Wenping from Yanshan County, tied Mr. Liu onto an iron chair to "stew the eagle." When Liu Huanjie became sleepy, they poured cold water on him and whipped his face with wet towels. Wang Yixin used keys to scratch Mr. Liu's ribs and claimed that they would remove his clothes and injure his testicles to make him suffer further. Nonetheless, the tortures could not make Liu Huanjie change his mind about Dafa.

Police officers Wang Yixin, Liu Weidong and Wang Wenping burned female Dafa practitioner Liu Shuzhen's body with cigarettes in 20 places. They covered her head with a metal bucket and struck the bucket from the outside. Their tortures could not "transform" Mr. Liu, so they tried nailing bamboo spikes into her fingernails. Practitioner Li Yuxia also suffered the bamboo spike torture. Blood spurt out from their fingernails, but the practitioners refused to be transformed. The two practitioners were brutally beaten and their bodies were covered with bruises. When they returned home after their release, one of their relatives was so traumatized that he suffered a relapse of a prior mental illness.

2. Torturing to Obtain Lies

Liu Huanjie's brother, Liu Huanjun, was brutally tortured at the Yansha Detention Center. He never gave up his belief in Falun Dafa and was sentenced to 4 years in prison. He was sent to Baoding Prison and was continuously persecuted there.

Liu Huanjie's sister-in-law, Li Xiuling, was illegally detained at the Gantong Town Police sub-station in Yanshan County. The police beat her brutally, removed her jacket and handcuffed her outside for twenty-four hours in minus 10 degree Celsius temperature [14 0F]. In order to try to force practitioners to "transform," they arrested all the practitioners in town and took them to the detention center to torture them. They locked everybody in a cold and dark garage, beat them with electric batons and bench legs, tortured them with pinchers, and poked their feet with iron sticks to force practitioners to lie and say, "We won't practice any more." This is the truth about the government's so-called "transformation" success.

3. Escaping from the Brainwashing Center and Not Being Able to Return Home

The brainwashing center of Yanshan County was established in July of 2001. It is located at Cao Village, west of the town. Practitioner Ms. Li Xiuling was with the first group that was illegally detained. The very first day, she was brutally beaten by the squad leader, Zhang Wenzhi. He threw her into the ditch by the road. Dafa practitioners were forced to watch videos attacking Dafa. If they didn't listen carefully, they would be punished and forced to stand under the hot sun. If one did not show remorse for not listening, one would be tortured non-stop. The brainwashing center also forced Dafa practitioners' employers to submit 50 yuan each day for room and board. This way, the brainwashing center not only increased their income, but also stirred up hatred and conflict for practitioners from their employers. In order to persecute practitioners, the authorities thought up many tricks. One day Li Xiuling finally escaped, but she was unable to return home since the evil government officials were looking for her to arrest her again.

There was a female practitioner who was arrested because she had appealed for justice for Dafa. She was released after her family submitted 15,000 "yuan". The government officials found another chance to arrest her. She then went on a hunger strike to protest. After two weeks, this practitioner was persecuted until she nearly died, but the authorities still didn't want to release her. After two months on a hunger strike, the practitioner was finally released with the help of her employer. After that, government officials still tried to arrest her. Finally, she was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution.

4. Acting Madly to Arrest People and Collect Illegal Fines

Since January 2001 many local police sub-stations in Yanshan County have tried to arrest people whenever there was a holiday or whenever a "sensitive date" approached. If a person had so much as ever read a Dafa book, they would become a target whether they were a practitioner or not. And they wouldn't be released until the police received money from them.

Liu Yingjie's sister and brother-in-law were arrested on May 12 because May 13 is Teacher's birthday. When they were arrested, two Dafa books were found. Because they refused to be "transformed," the two practitioners were detained at the Yanshan Detention Center for four months. Only after paying a fine of 1,000 "yuan" were they finally released. Because these practitioners were the main source of income at home and they were illegally detained, it caused financial hardship for their families.

Liu Huanjie's older sister refused to be "transformed" in the brainwashing class. After two months, she was the only one who had not compromised her belief under pressure. The brainwashing center asked her family to pay some fines, but the family didn't have the money. The brainwashing center again asked her relatives for money, but they didn't comply. At last, people from the brainwashing center said, "Nobody wants this old lady. Don't arrest people like this from now on."

5. Interrogation and Torture at the Brainwashing Center

When Yanshan County started their 4th session of brainwashing classes, Dafa practitioners realized the lies and evilness more clearly. At that time, the evil persecution also intensified.

One female practitioner was handcuffed to a bed for over one month. Every day, she was forced to listen to other practitioners being beaten, sounds from the various instruments of torture, the yelling and shouting by the evil government officials, and the screaming of practitioners being tortured.

6. Using Psychotropic Drugs

There was an elderly female practitioner who firmly believed in Dafa. She was arrested illegally three times. The evil government officials used all of their tricks on her yet they were unable to "transform" her. One afternoon, they sent her to stand out in the hot sun. All of a sudden, she fell straight to the ground and lost consciousness. They immediately carried her inside. When they saw that she was still unconscious, they whispered, "Was it because of the psychotropic drugs?" The practitioner heard them say this very clearly. After that she never drank the water provided by the government officials. She also paid special attention to her food.