(Minghui.org) Recently we heard that some self-proclaimed Falun Gong practitioners are collecting signatures among Dafa practitioners in Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, and other locations. They spouted lies, saying that they found "Master's Master, the true Falun Holy King," "Master's Master," "want to recruit 48,000 disciples," and other nonsense. Some practitioners even went as far as muddle-headedly signing their names.

Before the Fa-rectification ends, there will always be rotten demons that seek to undermine the Fa and come out to carry out persecution. Only CCP special agents and puppets controlled by rotten demons will openly poison people's minds and do damage like this. To those practitioners who followed others in signing your names, have you thought about this: is there such a thing as a shortcut on the path of cultivation? For whom are you signing your names? Was it to let the evil arrest you according to the list of names?

We hope that all of the practitioners who were involved in this Fa-undermining incident will immediately stop cooperating with the special agents' persecution, study the Fa with a calm mind, look deeply within, and do not follow the evil to persecute Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners! We are hereby issuing this urgent notice.

October 20, 2005