(Clearwisdom.net) In December 1994, I was diagnosed with leukemia. That shocking news was a bombshell for my family and me. A cloud of shock and despair enshrouded us.

Some hospitals did not accept me due to the serious nature of my illness. Finally, one hospital accepted me and I stayed there only to prolong my life by a matter of days. I knew that death was at hand. When I lay down in the hospital bed, I experienced pain all over my body. My limbs felt weak and I was constantly tormented by the illness. The suffering felt unbearable. I recalled that my life was once quite good, and I was bitter at fate. Overwhelmed by pain and hopelessness, the only thing I could do was groan in despair.

My elder sister visited me at the beginning of 1995. She introduced Falun Dafa to me. Dafa's power and wonder deeply attracted me. The profound content of the Fa was like spring rain upon my withered heart. In previous days, I lay on the hospital bed in great pain, and did not even have the energy to turn over. Just sitting up was out of the question. However, while I listened the introduction of Dafa, I felt more and more energetic. I sat for more than one hour and did not feel any fatigue, which was amazing for me at the time.

After obtaining Dafa, I saw the real hope of my life. From that day on, I was determined to cultivate. I insisted on reading the Fa everyday and practiced the sitting meditation. When I put down concerns of my incurable disease and death, and cultivated with my heart and soul, Dafa's miracle happened to me.

When I did the meditation on the first day, I felt very relaxed and comfortable, and the pain suddenly disappeared like the fog vanishing in the morning sun.

When I did the exercises on the fourth day, I felt the Falun spinning rapidly all over my body. I even could hear a "swoosh" sound while the Falun turned. I felt my body becoming re-energized and healthier day by day.

When I did the exercises on the fifth day, my platelet count reached a normal level, and all the other indicators were better.

Before I began the exercises, I could hardly take a step on my own. After I did the exercises for only ten days, I could walk more than twenty round trips up and down the corridor, which was more than thirty meters in length. I could also walk from the second floor to the fourth floor and back down several times in a row. It felt as if I was being pushed along by someone and did not feel tired at all while walking.

After I cultivated for only more than forty days, I had totally recovered. I felt lucky and proud to bid farewell to the hospital and the medication. The extraordinary phenomenon of my recovery was received happily by fellow practitioners. The doctors and nurses were also amazed. I told them that Master Li's Falun Dafa gave me a second life.

I was rescued from the verge of death. I treasure the chance to cultivate in Dafa, a chance that is most precious. Those fictitious rumors against Dafa cannot deceive me. I will steadfastly cultivate in Dafa and tell people with my own experience that Falun Dafa is great.