(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher has often stressed the importance of clarifying the truth and he has made it very clear that it is something we should do. Every Dafa practitioner should put their heart into doing it. The following are some of my experience and understandings regarding how to do our best in clarifying the truth:

1. Study the Fa more and understand the importance of clarifying the truth, and try not to miss anyone who may not know the truth. I understand that my relatives, classmates, friends, co-workers and neighbors, etc., are all sentient beings that I should clarify the truth to and help to save during this critical time. I have an irrefutable responsibility to their futures, and I have no reason to leave anyone out. However, I cannot restrict my clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings to this scope only, and I should clarify the truth in even wider areas and in larger quantities. Every Dafa practitioner should not overlook any person, whether related to them or not, or whether it is a contact from the past or the present.

2. Make full use of your knowledge and abilities and try to be more efficient. I have made use of the following methods to more effectively clarify the truth: writing truth-clarification materials, clarifying the truth face-to-face, clarifying the truth by phone, distributing truth-clarification materials and mailing the materials. No matter where I am, in town or out of town, I won't miss any opportunity.

3. Maintain righteous thoughts and righteous actions, without selfishness or fear. During my clarifying the truth, I encountered several "dangers," but I turned these dangers into safety. I understood that this was possible only because of Teacher's help and my righteous thoughts. I also understood that I must cultivate myself at all times and not let the evil take advantage of my omissions.

4. Don't draw hasty conclusions that someone cannot be saved. I once met a person who was very stubborn in the beginning and didn't accept the truth at all. I knew that he was deceived by the evil's lies and that his thoughts did not come from himself. The third time that I sincerely clarified the truth to him, he accepted it. It is very important that we are honest, patient and benevolent while clarifying the truth. Teacher said,

"Compassion can dissolve the spring of heaven and earth, Righteous thoughts may save the people in this world." (Hong Yin II, provisional translation)

5. For those people who don't understand us and think that we should not speak out in order to stay safe for our families' sake, I often give them this example: "Let's say I was once in danger, and you saved me at the risk of your life. You are my savior and I know you are a very good person. But one day some people who have power and influence wanted to put you to death for their own wicked purposes, and they mobilized and threatened people to fabricate lies and criticize you by abusing their power. If they come to me and want me to disown you by exposing you and claiming that not only did you not save me but you also wanted to harm me, what would you say I should do? If I follow them, I would keep my personal benefits, but lose my conscience. If I refuse to follow them, they would cause my family to break up, so what should I do?" At this time, the people who are listening to me would immediately say that I should obey my conscience. Then it is easy to clarify the truth from this point on, and the listeners are more willing to accept it.

6. When I clarify the truth, I usually mention that it is not easy for Dafa practitioners to distribute the truth clarification materials. In order to let people know the truth, practitioners risk being arrested, detained, sentenced and they even risk losing their lives. Clarifying this issue is very effective in getting through to people.

December 27, 2004