(Clearwisdom.net) In Heilongjiang Province, when Liu Wenjun's name is mentioned, many people already know her. She is a typical rural woman. However, her experiences, and the miraculous things that happened to her have helped lead many people to step onto the path of cultivation of Falun Dafa. After the persecution of Dafa began in 1999, because Ms. Liu related her personal experiences and spoke out in support of Dafa, she suffered repeated arrest and torture by the authorities. The following is her story:

1. Ms. Liu is so happy to learn Falun Dafa. She is soon able to stand up after being bedridden for seven years.

There are four people in Ms. Liu's family. Her husband is a teacher at the village-run elementary school, and they have two children. The family is not well off but they manage to get by with her husband's income and Ms Liu's industry. One year, Ms. Liu suddenly contracted tuberculosis of the spine, and all the family's savings were exhausted in their efforts to find a cure for her. She was admitted to the hospital for surgery, but after the surgery, there was no money left to continue with the treatment, and soon Ms. Liu was bedridden. In the blink of an eye, it had been seven years that she was thus incapacitated. In these seven years, her husband continued his teaching position to support the family. The heavy burden of looking after Ms. Liu fell onto the shoulders of the two children who were not even 10 years old yet. During the summer, the house was full of mosquitoes and flies, and maggots even grew on Liu's bedsores. The situation was unimaginable.

It was probably in the spring of 1995, when one day the two children deliberated between themselves and felt that it would be a good idea to take their mother to the mountains nearby to get some fresh air. So they borrowed a small pushcart and took Ms. Liu to the meadows on the mountain. While the children were catching grasshoppers, Ms Liu looked up to the vast sky and the whole of creation. She could not understand why her fate was so terrible. She cried out to the Heavens, "God, Where are you? If you really exist, please save me from this cruel fate." At that moment, she was in tears.

On the way home, they came across an old lady. The woman said to her: "My dear girl, you are so sick, you should come and learn Falun Gong, then you will understand it all." As she spoke, she gave her a copy of the book, Zhuan Falun. After she got home, Ms. Liu opened Zhuan Falun and read it. The more she read, the more she wanted to continue reading the book and the harder it was for her to put it down. She was moved by the profound philosophy in the book. At the beginning, she read the book lying down, and felt so fortunate to be able to read this book. Later on, she was able to sit up and read. Not long after, she was able to get out of bed without herself even realizing it. The children saw that their mother, who had been bedridden for several years, was able to get out of bed, and they were elated and cried out in joy to the neighbors: "Our mother has recovered. Our mother has recovered!" They also ran to their grandmother and aunt to report the good news.

The news that Liu Wenjun could get out of bed quickly spread all over the village. In the ensuing days, there were many curious people outside her fence, and some even came from neighboring villages. Ms. Liu told the villagers, "It was the book Zhuan Falun that saved me." She wholeheartedly promoted Teacher Li's Falun Dafa, a practice that cultivates both one's nature and physical health and teaches people to be good people. She said that if one can follow the book and be a good person, one would not be ill. With solid evidence in front of them, the villagers could not help but believe.

Thereafter, the story of Ms Liu's miraculous recovery after practicing Falun Gong was often on the lips of the villagers.

2. The miracle leads many people to practice Falun Dafa

Ms. Liu read and recited the book every day. She also learned the five sets of Falun Gong exercises from the old woman who had given her the book. From that time on, she became a true Falun Gong practitioner. Motivated by Ms. Liu, there were people stepping on the path of Falun Dafa cultivation every day.

One day Ms. Liu said to her husband: "I will go to your school to teach Falun Gong." When she appeared in front of the teachers and the students, the whole school was excited. They knew Ms. Liu had been bedridden, and they did not expect her to be so healthy and so full of energy in just a few days.

After Ms. Liu introduced herself, the school asked her to teach Falun Gong to the teachers and the students in the physical education class. At that time, the teachers and students who came to learn Falun Gong with Ms. Liu numbered over 400 people.

3. Validating Dafa with her experience, Ms. Liu is repeatedly persecuted

On July 20, 1999, Falun Dafa was slandered and persecuted in China. When she saw that the truth was trampled and that Teacher was wrongly accused, Liu Wenjun went to Beijing to appeal on three different occasions. She wanted to tell the central leaders and the relevant departments the truth of Falun Gong through her personal experience, and to request the government to stop the persecution of Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners.

The first two times she went to appeal, Ms. Liu was beaten, verbally abused, imprisoned, and fined 6,000 yuan (1). She could not understand why.

After she was released, more than sixty villagers volunteered to go to Beijing to appeal with her. Right after they boarded a bus, they were arrested by the commissioner of the county and his staff. By this time, the commissioner held great animosity towards Ms. Liu because she so boldly stood up for the truth. The commissioner said, "You are really something. You are better than me, you can really rally people. You got sixty people to follow you just like that. Are you after my job?"

Then, the police tortured her with electric batons, and beat and kicked her viciously. Ms Liu's neck was deformed and several teeth were knocked out. She lost consciousness for more than seven hours. After she woke up, Ms. Liu was illegally imprisoned. Later on, she was sent to a forced labor camp.

In the labor camp, the police forced Ms. Liu to do hard labor, and constantly tried to brainwash her to force her to give up cultivating and practicing Falun Dafa. Liu Wenjun used her personal cultivation experience to tell the police about Dafa. The police not only did not listen to her, but also searched her and took away her copy of Zhuan Falun. She cried, and begged them to return the book that had saved her life. The police locked her up in a small cell instead, and had several people working to brainwash her day and night. The police told her, "If you write a repentance statement, we will return the book to you." One day, Ms. Liu became muddleheaded following torture and wrote a repentance statement. When she woke up the next morning, she realized that was wrong, and immediately asked for the repentance statement back from the police, and declared that it was null and void. As a result, she received another round of beating and verbal abuse.

This lesson is too costly. Liu Wenjun is more sober-minded and clearheaded now, and has fully realized the solemnity of cultivation practice and the need to look within for the reason for any problem. She is determined to do well as a dignified Dafa practitioner, and will continue to cultivate herself solidly.

September 1, 2004

(1) Yuan is the unit of Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.