(Clearwisdom.net) An elderly mother displayed a sign requesting justice for her daughter, who was persecuted to death, and her son, who was illegally detained, because they strived to be good people by practicing Falun Gong. The local police were afraid and tried to avoid her, and then released her son thirteen days later.

A young female Dafa practitioner from a city in Northeast China was illegally sentenced to eight years in jail because she firmly practiced Falun Dafa. In January 2004, she was detained in the Heizuizi Jail of Changchun City, and was tortured to death one month later. At the time of her death, this Dafa practitioner's corpse was covered with bruises. Local Dafa practitioners told her family that they should use legal means to sue the perpetrators, and should keep the practitioner's corpse as evidence. Later, under coercion from jail police, her family members were forced to give up this plan, and the police forcibly cremated their daughter's remains. Her mother was deeply grieved.

The dead practitioner's brother, Yuanhang (alias), was persecuted several times by the police for insisting on practicing Falun Gong. One day in May 2004, while he was on his way home, several policemen suddenly abducted Yuanhang and took him to the detention center. There, he firmly resisted the persecution, started a hunger strike, and refused to drink. When local Dafa practitioners heard this news, they exposed the incident on the Clearwisdom website and in their local area. They also found his 60-year-old mother and told her, "Your son is innocent. It is illegal for police to abduct your son, and you can go to the relevant department to ask for your son's release."

After much consideration, in order to get back her son, the mother found a big sign and wrote on it: "My daughter was tortured to death in jail for being a good person, and now my son is abducted by police again. I have lost a daughter... Must I lose my son too?"

This lady hung the sign on her neck and went to the city police department to ask for her son's release. The officers at the police department saw her and tried to avoid her. This lady went every day to the door of the Tax Bureau that was located on a busy street and told passersby about the tragedy that happened to her family.

Several days later, the staff members at the city police department were afraid that more people would learn the truth, so they went to find the old lady's relative working in the Procuratorate's Office and begged, "Could you please ask the lady not to go out with the sign any more? We will try to solve her son's issue." After she heard about this news, the old lady was not deterred and continued going out to ask for her son's release with the sign every day.

Thirteen days later, the old lady's son was set free with a verdict of "not guilty."

Written on August 28, 2004