(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhao Huanzhen, in his 40's, was detained by Shanhaiguan police after he went to appeal against the persecution in Beijing in December 2000. On January 19, 2001, he was sentenced to Hehuakeng Labor Camp for three years.

Upon entering the labor camp, he first received the physical punishment known as "sitting turns." Every day he was ordered to sit on a small bench for 15 hours and, meanwhile, he was forced to keep his head and neck straight up with arms behind his back without moving; otherwise he would be beaten. He sat this way from 5 AM to 8 PM every day without a break except for eating and going to the toilet at fixed times. After a whole day's sitting like this, he felt extreme pain, particularly in the buttocks. On the 15th day, his buttocks were bleeding and his trousers were stuck to his body with blood. He was abused until he was extremely weak, and he began losing weight rapidly. One month later, the police transferred him to a forced labor detail.

He was sent to the 6th team for intense brainwashing on June 17, 2001. The guards included Wang Ying and Han Dongqi. At first they ordered him to write statements to renounce Dafa. By night, they didn't allow him to sleep. On the second day, the policeman Wang Ying forced him to read a book slandering Dafa and Master. Because he refused, the guards used electrical truncheons to shock him on the neck and the inside of his legs, and beat him to the ground.

Due to his refusal to yield, the guards carried him again to the 6th team on June 2, 2002. There were 6 guards there including the political instructor Wang Ying, the policemen Liu Fuxing, Li Jianzhong, Gu Shiqing, Zhang Jingmin and another surnamed Yi. Liu Fuxing talked to Zhao Huanzhen, attempting to trick him into giving up Dafa practice. After he failed, he let three inmates torture Zhao until he could not stand up. During the nights, he was deprived of sleep. This kind of persecution lasted for 6 months.

On June 20, 2003, Mr. Zhao and four other practitioners were sent to the toughest team under the excuse of preventing SARS. From 5 AM every morning he was forced to sit on the floor as physical punishment. Over three months later, his health had further deteriorated. First he developed incontinence, then he suffered from constipation for more than 20 days and developed a bowel infection. Although he had a fever of 39 degrees, the policeman Zhang Jingmin still ordered him to sit on the floor each day. By that time, he was not able to drink or eat anymore, and the guards let him go to the hospital. The hospital diagnosis required him to have a blood transfusion and to have his lungs ventilated. After he returned to the labor camp, he continued to have a high fever. By the 5th day, he could neither drink nor urinate, and was on the verge of death. The guards feared taking responsibility and hurried to send him home. They left him on his doorstep and ran away quickly.

Zhao's family sent him to the hospital that night for emergency treatment. The doctors there found that there was a deep festering ulceration near his anus and the area around it was also infected. The doctor in charge said that he had never seen such a serious case before in his 20 years of practicing medicine. The patient would surely have died if he went sent to the hospital 2 days later. It was purely due to the police's purposeful delay that such a terrible state had been caused.

Although Zhao Huanzhen survived, he was permanently disabled after operations in three places of his body. On the hospital care alone his family spent more than 20 thousand Yuan. This is just what the policemen in Shanhaiguan and the labor camp did to a Dafa practitioner.

The names of the responsible people are attached as follows:

Liu Guansheng: the vice head of the Shanhaiguan Police Department and the head of "610 Office." Telephone numbers: 86-335-5052421 (office), 86-335-5057838 (home), 13930385885 (mobile).

Name list of policemen in Hehuakeng Labor Camp:

Wang Yong--the vice head in charge of daily affairs;
Gao Yongjing--the head of "610 Office";
Li Weiping--the head of the toughest team;
Wang Ying--the political instructor of the toughest team;
Wang Yulin and Gao Hai--the vice head of the toughest team;
Han Dongqi, Li Jianzhong, Zhang Jingmin and Zhao Changjiang--the police officers of the toughest team.