(Minghui.org) The Chinese language version of Master's lecture, Teaching the Fa at the Singapore Falun Dafa Association's Inauguration Ceremony, given in 1996, was officially finalized on August 18, 2004, and permission may be granted to authorized publishers to publish the lecture.

With Master's great benevolence, because Dafa disciples inside and outside of China need to concentrate on doing well the three things [study the Fa, explain the facts and send forth righteous thoughts] that Dafa disciples should do during the current situation of validating the Fa, for the same reasons as the three lectures given in 1996 that were published not long ago, Master decided not to publish this lecture on Minghui.org as new lectures that require disciples to study often during the Fa rectification; instead, the 1996 Singapore lecture is published directly at http://falundafa.org for new practitioners and others to study.

Aug. 18, 2004