(Minghui.org) The following is mentioned in the Minghui editors' article "Notice Regarding the Officially Finalized Texts of 'Teaching the Fa for the First Time in the United States', 'Teaching the Fa at the Houston Experience Sharing Conference', and 'Teaching the Fa at the Beijing International Experience Sharing Conference'" (http://www.minghui.org/emh/articles/2004/7/12/50167.html):

"To all students inside and outside of China who are still passing along on their own unofficially published versions of Teacher's lectures, please by all means treasure Teacher's benevolence and follow the requirement that was given in Teacher's lectures, and destroy on your own initiative all of the related tapes, videotapes, and unofficial manuscripts.

"For all new articles by Teacher, please regard Minghui.org as the official location, and for all of Teacher's officially published lectures and Dafa books, please regard http://falundafa.org as the official location."

The unofficial publications discussed in the editors' article above are those that have not been published on the Chinese sites. Teacher's lectures and articles that have been published in Chinese on Falundafa.org and Minghui.org are all considered official publications, even if translations to other languages have not yet been published on the corresponding sites. Similarly, translations of articles published on the Chinese sites, even though the translations may not yet have been officially published, need not be destroyed.

Minghui Editors

July 31, 2004