It is July 26th again. Six years ago today, Teacher visited his' hometown, Changchun, and gave a lecture to the 'local Falun Gong assistants. Every time we recall that time, we feel that it was the happiest and most precious time.

On July 26, 1998 there was an assistants' meeting. Practitioners arrived at the conference hall of a local hotel one after another. The 'atmosphere was grand, solemn, magnificent and very quiet. Those who arrived early were all very quiet and did not even say hello to each other.

When we saw Teacher walk into the hall, everyone stood up. The sound of applause was like a tidal wave, with one wave surpassed by another. Everyone was excited to see Teacher. When Teacher saw the hometown ' practitioners, he also felt close to them. Teacher said: "The purpose for today's meeting is to meet with everyone; and I know that a lot of people also want to see me, therefore I will sit a little bit higher." Two practitioners tied a couple of chairs together so that Teacher could sit higher, but many of us felt that Teacher did not feel comfortable sitting that way. We all felt Teacher's compassionate heart, and another round of applause was given.

That day, Teacher talked for five hours non-stop. When Teacher left the conference room, he shook hands with practitioners one by one. I did not stand in the front line because I felt that I had not become a good practitioner yet, that I' was not qualified to shake hands with Teacher. Therefore with tears in my eyes, I watched Teacher walk out of the hall.

I had not had the chance earlier to participate in Teacher's lecture series, and I had developed a very strong desire to see Teacher in person. On one occasion, I saw Teacher in one practitioner's home and he was teaching the Fa to all practitioners. I sat a few feet (one meter) away from Teacher, but at an inclined angle. I stared at Teacher: "Yes, finally I saw Teacher! It was not a dream! It was real!" Teacher suddenly stopped talking, smiled at me and said: "Do not think about it any more and pay attention to my teaching!" Teacher knew what I was thinking about! I immediately focused my attention and calmly listened to Teacher's lecture.

Later on, everyone took pictures with Teacher. Before he walked out the door, Teacher looked at every practitioner individually. When Teacher looked at me, his eyes were focused on me for a moment. My heart was shaking. Teacher's eyes contained a lot of meanings and I did not understand them well. I only felt that there were countless encouragements and great expectations. My heart was warm, but my shoulders felt heavy. Teacher repeatedly said: "Pay attention to studying Fa. You must study the Fa more, study the Fa well and completely understand the Fa." We said good bye to Teacher at the door step. When Teacher walked down the stairs, he turned around and said: "Study the Fa more and study the Fa well."

During last six years, I had experienced a lot of things and stumbled along the way. When recalling the' lecture to the Changchun local Falun Gong assistants, the expectations' and Teacher's repeated reminders, I was able to feel the greatest compassionate heart, the heart of an enlightening being.

Looking back on the path that I had taken, I was able to cherish more with everything I had. Holding the' Fa and looking at Teacher's picture, tears rushed out of my eyes. Dear Teacher! I will walk steadily the rest of my journey and will not let you down. I will be responsible to the beings in these universes and will fulfill my long waited great wish. These are also the wishes of all Changchun' practitioners from Teacher's hometown.