(Minghui.org) The Minghui website needs submissions from every disciple in the mainland. Whether the article is meant to expose the persecution, document righteous thoughts and actions, report on the development of Fa-rectification, share experiences, or exchange understanding on the Fa principles, they are Dafa disciples' valuable treasure. They will be published as soon as the editors are able to, so as to suffocate the evil, encourage fellow cultivators, help the world learn the facts, and record this special chapter in history.


However, after some practitioners submitted their articles to Minghui, they noticed that they were not published as expected. Puzzled, they let the matter go unresolved. In order to make it easy for everyone to better organize information and confirm the whereabouts of their submissions, we'd like to communicate the following:


1. The article has been published, but there were changes to the title and/or the content (to make it more suitable for readers to learn the facts), so the article cannot be located when the contributor tries to verify that his or submission has been accepted.


2. When submissions are short and lacking in details, we usually try to compile several such submissions into one article and publish them with a new title. The new title of the compiled material may not indicate if one's article is included in it. Incidents of karmic retributions and comprehensive news from the mainland are the most common compilations.


3. Some brief submissions might duplicates of already published news with not enough facts to warrant an independent article, so the editors may choose not to publish for the convenience of the readers.


4. Some articles cannot be published due to quality issues.


For example, some articles exposing the persecution lack basic information, such as time and place. Some include specific locations (village and town), but no province or city, which is difficult to verify from other sources.


Some information about disciples being tortured to death does not give details on the person's age, profession, home address, date of death, and specific circumstances of the persecution, but only says, “died unjustly.”


Cases of practitioners illegally subjected to forced labor do not provide the exact name of the forced labor camp.


Out of concern for the safety of the person concerned, too many of the basic details are omitted, such as the victim's real name, profession, and place of residence.


Some practitioners assume that practitioners' hearts are interlinked and that we will all understand everything with a hint and therefore leave out the actual location and other elements in their submissions. This information can be important for practitioners in different regions to learn the facts. Their submissions also ignore the fact that each and every bit of news and article published on Minghui needs to meet the needs of three categories of readers: practitioners, the world's people, and the evil. In telling fellow cultivators their heartfelt words, it is sometimes hard for the reader to figure out the sequence of events.


Some submitted articles' descriptions are inconsistent; some omit key facts and then report their own conclusions as facts, and so on. If such a first-hand account does not contain sufficient factual information to make up a complete article, it is, regrettably, not likely to be accepted.


Each submission from the mainland is like news from a war correspondent. Each report is like a magnifying glass, providing people elsewhere with specific information and clear pictures, thereby narrowing the distance between themselves and the true situation of Dafa and Dafa disciples in the mainland, and showing them what the persecution is really like. Therefore, despite the information blockade in the mainland that makes it difficult for practitioners there to collect information, the Minghui Editorial Board still hopes that, in order to fully clarify the truth, and while paying close attention to safety, mainland practitioners try to gather complete basic facts of incidents of persecution, so that these articles will truly play their role in clarifying the facts to the world.


5. Articles were received through the website's “Online Submissions,” but no contact channels were provided.


The Minghui Editorial Board set up the “Online Submissions” to make it convenient for practitioners in the mainland to submit articles securely. But there have been problems. Many contributors do not provide (or are not aware that they didn't provide) their return addresses, so the Board has no way to verify the submissions, offer feedback or get more information. We ask everyone to try to provide a return address or other contact information when submitting online.


6. The Internet blockade sometimes erases emails and attachments, so the Articles have not been received.


Due to the Internet blockade, some of the submissions the Minghui Editorial Board receives are a blank letter or a blank attachment. For example, the submissions delivered via 163 or sina mail servers, although the attached is a zip.file, the size of the attached file ends up 0 after going through the blockade and filtering.


If your submission is not published within five days, consider resubmitting it.


7. Articles that are substantial but not published are usually directly transferred to the parties concerned to be of assistance and are not published online, out of concern for protecting the parties involved (such as plaintiffs and related persons for overseas lawsuits). Submissions that are very helpful for overseas practitioners but not suitable for publication are usually used as information for internal exchange overseas.


Many other exceptions are not included in this list. We hope the above will be of some help for mainland practitioners to verify and evaluate their submissions.


Once again we would like to thank the majority of mainland practitioners for your cooperation, and thank everyone for your long-term, unshakable support of the Minghui website and your trust and encouragement to the Minghui Editorial Board.


The Minghui Editorial Board

July 31, 2004