(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Han Junqing, 47, was a resident from the Fangshan District, Beijing. He was tortured to death at the beginning of June 2004. It has now been confirmed that he died from the brutal beating at the hands of more than a dozen policemen. His body was cremated on June 5th. An examination revealed that Mr. Han, a Falun Dafa practitioner, had sustained several broken ribs. The skin and muscle under his left eye was severely injured, and a piece of flesh was missing there.

After the incident, the policemen tried their best to conceal the information, and permitted only the immediate family members to attend the cremation.

Han Junqing had once succumbed to brainwashing and did lots of bad things afterwards. Later he became rational and resumed his cultivation and clarified the truth of Falun Gong to people. He was abducted in March 2004. His computer and copy machine were confiscated and he was held in the Fangshan District Detention Center. According to our investigation, Han Junqing refused to follow any of the policemen's evil orders. More than a dozen officers from the Fangshan Police Department beat him savagely. They surrounded him, used electric batons and police batons to shock him and beat him, and killed him in the end.

Following this incident, the policemen tried to conceal any information and spread a rumor that Han Junqing had died from lung disease. But they couldn't conceal the truth that Han Junqing's body was covered with bruises and lumps, that his ribs were broken, and a piece of flesh under his left eye was cut out. At the beginning of June, during the time of Han Junqing's cremation, Fangshan District enforcers dispatched more than a hundred policemen, which showed the bad guys' fear, their fear of having tortured a good person to death. As stated above, only Han's immediate family members were allowed to enter the crematory.

Before Han Junqing started practicing Falun Gong, he was a well-known vagabond in Doudian Town. By his own admission, he had not done a good deed before he practiced Falun Gong. Practicing Falun Gong helped Han Junqing get rid of his bad habits. He conducted himself with Truth, Compassion and Tolerance and became a fairly good person. His change caused a stir in his area. People said, "Such a vagabond can become good! Falun Gong is amazing!" The policemen in the area were also surprised that a person who used to be sent to the police station every day could give up his bad character traits and become good.

Han Junqing told everybody he met, "Falun Gong is truly wonderful. I have given up all my bad habits and returned to the good. I want to cultivate Falun Gong!" Many people started cultivating in Dafa because of him.

The authorities persecute such a good practice. Han Junqing clarified the truth everywhere he went and was thus sent to a labor camp. Brainwashing in the camp deceived him. After he succumbed to the brainwashing, his hooliganism returned and he aided in persecuting other Dafa practitioners.

After Han came out of the labor camp, other practitioners helped him and he finally became rational, immediately changing himself for the better. He tried his best in clarifying the truth. He purchased a copy machine to make materials for explaining the facts. He did his best to make up for the loss. He distributed Master's new articles and helped many people who went on the wrong path to wake up. In April 2004, when he went to give Master's new articles to three collaborators (1) in Hebei Province, someone reported him and he was abducted. In the end, those Fangshan policemen beat him to death.

Responsible units:

Beijing Fangshan Police Department
Phone: 86-10-69317154
Address: 10 Chengguan Chuanhuangmiao St., Fangshan
Postal code: 102400

Beijing Fangshan Detention Center
Phone: 86-10-69313007 (Duty officers observation room); 86-10-89329924


(1) Collaborators are former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture

July 15, 2004