(Clearwisdom.net) I attained Dafa in December 2002. I have a son named Chaoqun, and he is 7 years old now. I would like to tell people how great Falun Dafa is by relating Chaoqun's changes after attaining Dafa.

Chaoqun attained Dafa in 2004, and prior to that he was a low IQ child. Our whole family spent lots of time and efforts for him. In September of 2003, I sent Chaoqun to Shiyan Elementary School for kindergarten. However, after some simple tests, the school refused to admit him due to his low IQ.

My husband spent a great deal of effort through his connections to make the school admit Chaoqun. Soon, the teacher told me that Chaoqun often could not find his classroom and ran into other rooms. The school requested us to take Chaoqun back since they didn't want to be responsible if he got lost. This made our whole family very worried, and we sent him back to a daycare. When I picked Chaoqun up at night, his teacher told me he could not learn anything the teacher taught, which was even worse than a 3 year old's situation. This hurt my feelings a lot.

I thought to myself, I am a Dafa practitioner, and Dafa is powerful, why didn't I ask Master to help Chaoqun obtain the Fa and let Dafa open the door to wisdom for Chaoqun? I started to read Zhuan Falun to Chaoqun, and let him listen to the audio tapes of Master's lectures. Chaoqun loved to listen to Master's lectures, and would say "Master" when he saw Master's picture. So far Chaoqun has listened to Master's lectures four times and asked me to teach him the exercises.

Since attaining the Fa, Chaoqun has changed dramatically both mentally and physically, especially his IQ. He is a completely different child now. Chaoqun's grandmother said happily that her grandson turned into a nice smart boy all of a sudden. Now his teacher told me that Chaoqun is improving rapidly, like a door opened for him suddenly. In addition, he knows to forbear when in conflict with other children, and the teacher told other children in his class to follow his example. Our whole family sincerely thanks Master for Chaoqun's miraculous changes. It was Master who opened the door to wisdom for Chaoqun. Falun Dafa is the greatest, most righteous Fa.