(Minghui.org) Teacher's "Teaching the Fa at the Houston Experience Sharing Conference" and "Teaching the Fa at the Beijing International Experience Sharing Conference" (Chinese edition) have been published at the falundafa.org website, and the lecture given when the Singapore Falun Dafa Association was established in July 1996 is being put together anew, and will be published afterwards. Today Teacher has clearly given the requirement that for the aforementioned lectures in Beijing and Singapore, the old printed copies are to be destroyed without exception, and the version put together and published this time will be the official version.

In addition, Dafa disciples, please by all means treasure Teacher's benevolence and follow the requirement that Teacher gave in past lectures, and destroy on your own accord all of the unofficially published Fa lecture tapes, videotapes, reprinted texts, and hand-copied manuscripts, etc, safeguard Dafa on your own accord, and behave like true Dafa disciples.

These lectures given in 1996 are not published as Teacher's New Articles so that during Fa rectification, Dafa disciples in and out of China can concentrate on studying Zhuan Falun, which systematically guides cultivation, and new articles that guide Fa rectification cultivation, and make the best use of their time to do well the three things that Dafa disciples should do in the current situation of validating Dafa.

June 28, 2004