Master has officially finalized the text of "Teaching the Fa at the Houston Experience Sharing Conference" given in October 1996. This Fa lecture, as well as "Teaching the Fa for the First Time in the United States," will not be published in the section on the Minghui website titled "Master's New Articles," which guide Fa rectification period Dafa disciples. Fellow Dafa practitioners inside and outside of China can, per Master's requirement, concentrate on making the best use of our time to do well the three things that Dafa disciples should do in the current situation of validating Dafa.


The officially finalized text of "Teaching the Fa at the Houston Experience Sharing Conference" will shortly be published at http://falundafa.org, which may also be published by an authorized publishing company for reference.


All students inside and outside of China who are still circulating Master's Fa lectures that are not officially published, please be sure to cherish Master's benevolent compassion, voluntarily destroy all such recordings, videos, and non-official texts. Master has mentioned this in Fa lectures. Otherwise one will not be able to reach consummation on account of committing the crime of disrupting the Fa.


Please refer to the Minghui website for the official texts of all Recent Articles. Please refer to http://falundafa.org for officially published Fa lectures and Dafa books. (The link to Dafa books on the Minghui website is http://www.tiantibooks.org/falundafa/.)


Minghui Editorial Board

June 24, 2004