(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Xiao Yixia, a Falun Dafa practitioner and well-known artist, was kidnapped by a national security secret agent and taken to the Shandong Weifang Industrial School. She has been held there for more than a month. Because Xiao has not give up her belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," the director of the brainwashing center Fu Jinbin and others have used vicious means to torture her mentally and physically. Even though currently Xiao's body is very weak, they are still torturing her. They are handcuffing her and suspending her in the air by her arms.

A few days ago, Officer Wang handcuffed Xiao and hung her up by her arms, spread in a V-shape, for more than two hours, which caused her to lose consciousness. After emergency treatment in the Weifang Medical School Hospital, the police took her back to the brainwashing center and continued the illegal imprisonment. Xiao is suffering from hypothermia in her lower body. Her legs are numb and she can hardly walk.

At the same time, while Xiao was being tortured during the brainwash sessions in Weifang City, the authorities also mistreated her family. Staff from the "610 Office" (1) demanded that Xiao's in-laws (practitioner Zhou Ning's parents) pay 2,000 yuan (2) to the brainwashing center for her "expenses." When Xiao's mother-in-law went to visit her, Fu Jinbin shouted at her and threatened that they would put her in a brainwashing program as well. Xiao's father-in-law, previously retired, had been re-hired by his former employer. Recently, the "610 Office" pressured his employer into firing him.

Under the harassment from the "610 Office", practitioners Xiao Yixia and Zhou Ning's family cannot live normal lives. Xiao's in-laws had to take their grandson, Zhou Xuanzhao, son of Xiao and Zhou, and leave their hometown. The authorities threatened their relatives, tapped their phones and subjected them to varying extents of persecution. Zhou's fourth aunt was forced to leave her home to avoid further persecution.

List of perpetrators from the Weifang City "610 Office" and brainwashing center:

Xu Yujun, deputy Secretary General of the City Commission, Director of the City "610 Office"; this person is directly in charge of the brainwashing center. 86-536-8789699; 86-536-8238638; 86-13306363336 (Cell)

Zhang Guangxiao, Assistant Secretary of the Political Legal Commission of the City Commission, Assistant Director of the city's "610 Office", former Secretary of the Weicheng District Commission and the Political Legal Commission. 86-536-8789623, 86-536-8366866, 86-13906368318 (Cell)

Zhu Yulin, Vice Director of the City Police Department and the City "610 Office" 86-536-8783005, 86-536-8783858, 86-13605360068 (Cell)

Kou Jianhui, Vice Director of the City "610 Office"; this person is directly in charge of the brainwashing center. 86-536-8789623, 86-536-8789027, 86-536-8269995, 86-13905368118 (Cell)

Li Tongkui, Vice Director of the City "610 Office" 86-536-8789631, 86-536-8731187, 86-13173159888 (Cell)

Fu Jinbin, Director of the brainwashing Center, one of the primary perpetrators. 86-13853646838 (Cell)

Song Jiwu, Director of the Weifang City Appeal Bureau, former Director of the "610 Office" 86-13806368299 (Cell)

Jiang Yanlin, Director of the Weifang City National Security Bureau 86-536-8196901, 86-536-8899336, 86-13906369766 (Cell)

Qin Yuping, Vice Director of the Weifang City National Security Bureau 86-536-8196902, 86-536-8899776, 86-13011680015 (Cell)

Chen Jianwei, female, Vice Director of the Weifang City National Security Bureau 86-536-8196903, 86-536-8231636, 86-13306360636 (Cell)

Lin (first name unknown), Vice Director of the Weifang City National Security Bureau 86-536-8196900, 86-3583699850 (Cell)


(1) "610 Office": an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems

(2) yuan: Chinese currency, 500 yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China