(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Chen Xiuling, and I am 54 years old. I was a marketing director at the Yuntong Company in Jiamusi City Passenger Transportation Station, Heilongjiang Province. My daughter Chen Ying, who is listed as the first among practitioners who were killed during the persecution, used to practice Falun Dafa with me. She was a good kid. Not only did she study well at school, she also helped me a lot at home.

On July 22, 1999 Chen Ying was arrested as she went to Beijing to appeal. I wanted to go and pick up my daughter, but the officials in my company refused to let me go because they knew I was a practitioner. On August 3, the principal of Chen Ying's school, along with a security officer and some other school staff, went to Beijing to pick up my daughter. Later, I heard that a political leader surnamed Li from the city police department forced Chen Ying to work in a dining room, and Chen Ying escaped while emptying the trash. During those 26 days in Beijing, Chen Ying escaped many times and was also arrested many times. The school officers were unable to find Chen Ying. Still, they asked the officers in Beijing to notify them once they found her, so that they could bring her home safely. On August 15, Beijing police transferred Chen Ying to the responsibility of a person surnamed Li, political head of the liaison office of Jiamusi City in Beijing. They handcuffed her in a room without providing any food or water. They also told her that they would transfer her to Jiamusi City and detain her there. Li later told me, "I was so angry that I beat her." He did not notify the school. Instead, he handcuffed Chen Ying and took her on a train. When my daughter needed to use the bathroom, he only unlocked the handcuff, and did not let her close the door. My daughter was a 1.7-meter tall, 17-year old high school student, and she was humiliated in this way. The train left Beijing for Qinhuangdao City, about 280 kilometers away, and as it was approaching Fengrun railway station, my daughter jumped off the train to escape, but she was severely injured. After the train arrived at the railway station, the train director and Li stepped off the train and asked someone to send my daughter to the Fengrun Hospital. On that evening, while my daughter was still alive, the thugs ordered the hospital staff to cut off her oxygen supply, so that her family members could not see her alive. My daughter's body was taken to Fengrun crematory and held there. On August 17, my family members and I, together with my daughter's teacher, Ms Cai, heard these stories from Li. On August 18 we went to the crematory and took a look at her. But we were asked to leave before the cremation started. My daughter still had hand-written truth-clarification materials with her. On July 19, 1999 her school recognized her as an "Excellent Student." However, on August 19, 1999, CCTV (China Central Television) broadcast lies to deceive people saying, "Chen Ying was often in a daze. She has attempted suicide many times, and when her family members did not supervise her, she..." In May 2000 I wrote an article and posted it on the Internet so that more people would know the truth.

Two months after my daughter's death, on October 16, nine employees were laid off at my workplace, and I was paid only 248 Yuan every month [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.]. In March 2000, my salary was cut off. Because of an injury at work, I asked for one week's sick leave. However, I received harassing phone calls every day. On February 21 the officials at my workplace sent an office supervisor to my home. She told me that if I did not return to work, she would come to my home every day. After I returned to work, however, they asked me to quit. They led me in writing a resignation document, sentence by sentence. On February 29 I was visited separately by my supervisor, the police station director, and some policemen. They said they would send me to a detention center if I said I would continue to practice. Wang Bin, the Party Secretary at my workplace, told me about the Jiang regime's implication policy: "You said you would not go to Beijing, you have to promise us you won't. Director Bao has signed an agreement at the city's '610 Office.' (1) If you go to Beijing, our officers will be removed from their posts. Therefore, the future of all our employees is dependent upon you." On the evening of February 29 I went to Beijing to appeal. I was arrested while traveling from Shenyang City to Beijing, and was sent to the dispatching center. My workplace officers spent about 2,000 Yuan to take me back (the expense for another time was more than 6,000 Yuan, which was spent on a camera for a police department director surnamed Sui). I was then detained at Jiamusi Detention Center. On April 13, 2000 I was released after my family members paid 500 Yuan to the Jiadong Police Department, and 300 Yuan to the detention center, as bail. On March 17, 2001 I was arrested again and sentenced to a two-year term at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. Under intense pressure, I was forced to write the so-called "Three Statements"(2). I have since declared those statements void. On January 25, 2002 I was released. In November 2001, my age reached the retirement threshold. But my workplace officials did not process my retirement until September of the following year. I had worked for 30 years, and the monthly retirement pension promised was 279 Yuan, an amount even less than the living expense received by a worker who was laid off in 1996 with 10 years of experience. So far I still have not received my retirement pension from them. During the new year of 2003, they lent me 200 Yuan. The Party Secretary Wang Bin said that because my workplace spent 30,000 Yuan to send people to Beijing to bring me back, it was deducted from my retirement pension payments.

On March 12, 2003 Jiadong Police Department officers ransacked my home. They then tricked me into coming to their office. A captain surnamed Xu first told me, "The director [of the police department] will see you and talk with you." After arriving there, however, they told me that the director had gone to a meeting. They then sent me to a detention center for 22 days. On April 2, I was sentenced to three years at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp.

As soon as I arrived at the labor camp, the guards tried to brainwash me. They forced one of my arms over my shoulder, and one behind my back, and handcuffed me to a bed. I had to sit down on the tile floor and was not allowed to use the bathroom.

On July 22, several of us did not answer a questionnaire that defamed Dafa. Once again, the guards handcuffed us in the same awkward positions. I saw that fellow practitioner Xie Xuefu was beaten and handcuffed in the manufacturing room. The division managers fiercely beat him.

During one walking exercise, I did not call out the slogan we were forced to shout. A vicious guard swore at me and drove me out of the formation. Several days later at lunchtime, I saw that Liu Yaokun and Cao Xiuxia were not allowed to enter the dining room because they did not call out the slogan. It was a freezing winter day, and they were forced to stand outdoors. They were also beaten and poked with needles. One morning, Liu Yaokun was beaten for moving slowly during the walking exercise. Guards took her upstairs and handcuffed her there for four days. On November 23, five of us did not call out the slogan, and we were forced to stay out in the cold outside the manufacturing room. Under such harsh conditions, I hiccupped uncontrollably and could not eat the food, which consisted of black steamed buns and frozen vegetable soup. I became thinner and thinner day by day, so a guard named He Qiang and a doctor surnamed Liu brought me to the manufacturing room for force-feeding through the nose. More than 10 days later, on November 28, the director surnamed Gao, doctor Liu, and a guard surnamed Li brought me to the City Central Hospital for a gastroscope and an electrocardiogram. Although I ate little, my health was normal. I did not want to go back to the labor camp, so I thought about escaping and going outside to clarify the truth. At the lobby of the City Central Hospital, I ran away down the stairs. The guard surnamed Li pursued me. I fell down and rolled down on the stairs. I was not hurt. However, the guard surnamed Li claimed her arm was hurt when trying to catch me, and asked me to pay her medical expenses. The labor camp then demanded 500 Yuan from my sister. Both my sister and her husband were laid off, and they were in a very tough financial situation. The guards carried me back into the van, and we went back to the labor camp. They kicked my right leg, and handcuffed me in that awful position again for one week, forcing me to stand. I was allowed to sit down only during the night, cuffed to the heating pipes in the storage room. After 7 days, when the handcuffs were removed, my limbs were severely swollen, and many parts of my right leg were blue. The inner sides of my knees were also blue. Not only that, my stomach illness and hemorrhoids became worse. Now I am still suffering a lot. Because of the persecution, I now have many illnesses all over my body, including nerve ending problems, duodenum ulcer, and urinary incontinence. I am in so much pain that a day seems like a year for me. I will continue to appeal. There is nothing wrong with me practicing Falun Dafa to become a better person. Practitioners should not be kept in labor camps. I strongly request that all detained practitioners be released unconditionally!

On December 2, higher-ranking officers came to the manufacturing room for an inspection. Dafa practitioner Liu Yaokun said, "Greetings officers, I have something to report. They beat me here and pricked me with needles." After those officers left, a police guard named Zhu Tiehong came and beat Liu Yaokun. Another guard named Zhou Jiahui also kicked her. I said, "Please stop beating her." At that time, my hands were cuffed to the heating pipes. Zhu Tiehong said to me, "Keep silent!" A director surnamed He said that Liu Yaokun had not been beaten enough, and then slapped her in the face and handcuffed her in the storage room for 18 days. One named Zhang Xiaodan said, "She needs to be beaten more. After she yields, she will not say anything any more."

On another occasion the Political Director surnamed Guo asked me to meet Liu Yaokun. I saw that Liu Yaokun's face had no expression. She kept sleeping and her cotton pants were all wet. The next day she was carried somewhere but soon returned. Later I found out that she was sent to a hospital. On January 31, 2004 I saw guards Li Jinbo and Dong Xiumei punch Liu Yaokun in the head. They even did this to a person who was already incapacitated. On that day, division director Mu Zhenjuan was on duty. They placed Liu Yaokun's head flat, and turned her body aside, thus placing her in a very painful position. At the beginning, I tried to ignore it. Later, I tried that position myself, and the neck was stretched terribly - it was indeed very painful. On February 2 they were still doing that to Liu Yaokun. I reported this to political director Guo, doctor Liu, and some other people. However, guard Mu Zhenjuan and the inmate on duty did not allow me to place Liu Yaokun's body in a comfortable position. In this way, they persecuted an unconscious person until December 12 before taking her to the hospital.

Right now, I am still detained and persecuted in the forced labor camp.

(A note came with the article submission: From the article of Chen Xiuling, we can see she has been severely abused both mentally and physically. The article contents are not very smooth. Sometimes there are gaps, and sometimes before one story ends, another one has already started. And sometimes, there are things that don't make sense. We can see that Ms. Chen, who is now 54 years old, has experienced enormous torments in the forced labor camp, even after losing her beloved daughter.)

(1) "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

(2) "Three Statements" - Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write these as proof that they have given up their belief. Created by the "610 Office," the three statements consist of a letter of repentance, a guarantee to never again practice Falun Gong, and a list of names and addresses of all family members, friends and acquaintances who are practitioners.

April 6, 2004