(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Yang Junping, in her 30s, was a resident of Ximeng Zhengxiang Baiqi in Inner Mongolia. Yang Junping suffered from Lupus Erythematosus (an auto-immune disease) before practicing Falun Gong. She went to a hospital and was further diagnosed with cancer. In 1997, after she started practicing Falun Gong, and all of her hair that had previously fallen out due to the cancer treatment grew back.

Because she persisted in practicing Falun Gong, in December 2001 police from Zhengxiang Baiqi Police Department arrested and persecuted Yang Junping, causing her to have a relapse. After she was released, she went for treatment at her relative's hometown and was arrested once again. Her condition worsened further. Later she was sent to Hohhot City to receive medical treatment, but the hospital refused to accept her and she was thus sent back. The police department extorted two thousand Yuan as a deterrent to practicing Falun Gong. As Yang Junping still had not paid back her debt of tens of thousands of Yuan that she had borrowed to pay for her medical treatments, she had no choice but to mortgage her house with the police department. She was then released on bail for treatment, but the police still illegally monitored her.

In August 2002, Yang Junping passed away as a result of the persecution.

April 9, 2004