Facts of the Persecution

1) Chen Zhilian, her mother, and Peng Xifang, Falun Gong practitioners from Leshan City, Sichuan Province, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in 2000. They were arrested and sent back to the Pingxing Township Government Compound of Leshan City. The authorities there bound them together and forced them to sit in a van (with a single row of seats), and drove the van around all the streets in the township. When they were sent back to the township government, they were handcuffed and hung up on the iron gates in front of the township government office. Several months later Chen Zhilian and her mother were deceived into going to the township government offices by the authorities, and were detained at the township government compound. Later they managed to escape their detention, but they could not return home. They were forced to live away from home to avoid further persecution. We heard that they were seized by the police and were detained at one of the prisons in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

2) Ms Li Fengxia from Sanhe City, Hebei Province, has been frequently persecuted in the past several years for sticking to her belief in Falun Dafa's principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. Her husband and child cannot live peacefully. They live in fear every day and dare not to allow her to live at home, fearing that she will be arrested. Li Fengxia has to travel from town to town. She cannot take care of her husband and their child, and her family financial situation is seriously impacted.

3) Falun Gong practitioner Liu Hong, from Yunan Province twice went to Beijing to appeal. She was arrested by the police and was detained for over 50 days. After she was released from detention the police came to her home daily to harass her, forced her to write a statement denouncing Falun Gong, and forced her husband to divorce her. She went to live with her sister, but the police chased her down there, too. She then went to her mother's house. The police harassed them in the afternoon, in the evening, and in the middle of the night. They even disturbed their neighbors. Liu Hong was forced to live away from home to avoid further persecution. Later on, her family received a notice that Liu Hong was sentenced to 4 years in prison by the City Court of Kunming City and is now detained at the 2nd Female Prison of Yunan Province.

4) Tang Xiqiu, a Falun Gong practitioner from Wanxi County, Hongjiang City of Huaihua, Hunan Province went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on June 15, 2000. He was severely beaten by the police in Tiananmen Square. He was then sent back, and illegally detained for over 40 days. He also had 7,200 yuan extorted from him [Note-the average monthly income of a Chinese worker is about 500 yuan.] The vicious people forced him to pledge all of his property, including his house, to guarantee that he would not appeal again. They threatened to hurt him if he spoke about being arrested, beaten, and having money extorted. Falun Gong practitioner Yang Simei went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on May 14, 2000. She was arrested, locked up in the detention center for over 90 days, and fined 4,000 yuan. Yang Chenggui, a fellow Falun Gong practitioner who went with her to Beijing, was detained for a month. All their stored crops and their cow were stolen. He was also fined 3,000 yuan.

Vicious People and Vicious Deeds

1) On March 1, 2004, Gao Tiejun and Chen Aimin, two policemen from the Department of Public Security of Shuanliao City Electricity Plant, Li and Wang, two policemen from the Liaoxi Street Police Station of Shuangliao City, were led by the police of Hongguang Farm in Qianguo County, Songyuan City to break into the 5th Factory of the farm to illegally abduct Zhu Guiyan, who had come to visit his family and to look for a job. Zhu Guiyan and his family righteously resisted. Gao Tiejun (later promoted to be the vice chairman of the Department of Public Security for persecuting Wang Zengbin and several other Falun Gong practitioners) and Chen Aimin took out their guns to threaten Zhu Guiyan. But their efforts were in vain.

2) Falun Gong practitioner Jia Shuling from Huangzhuang County, Sanhe City, is disabled. She walks with a crutch to support her right leg. At the Sanhe City Detention Center the police took away her crutch. She had to walk with her right hand supporting her right leg, bending 90 degrees. Her leg swelled up after two days. After she was persecuted for over 30 days, the Sanhe Detention Center extorted 1,000 yuan from her family before they let her go. She endured tremendous physical and mental persecution. Falun Gong practitioner Li Chunfeng developed scabies all over his body while in the detention center, which was extremely painful and itchy. When his term was due, the detention center extorted 1,000 yuan from his family as well.

3) On December 28, 2000, Falun Gong practitioners Li Fengxia, Xin Dongbao and Kang Jingtai from Sanhe City, Hebei Province, were sent to the Kaiping Labor "Education" Center in Tangshan City by force. The police at the labor camp refused to accept them. Liu Hui and Du Hongbo, the police at Sanhe Detention Center, bribed the labor camp officials with a case of good liquor and cigarettes. The officials reluctantly let the practitioners out of the car for medical exams, but they later refused to accept them due to their high blood pressure. In the early morning of the next day the police at the detention center then sent Kang Jingtai and Xi Dongbao to Wangzhuang Labor "Education Center" in Liangfang City for forced labor.

4) Crimes Committed by Wu Wei from Fushun Education Center in Liaoning Province

One day in February 2001, Qi Caimei, a Falun Gong practitioner from Wanghua District who had just come to Fushun "Education" Center, did not cooperate with forced-feeding. Wu Wei became enraged and brutally beat her with an electric baton. Her eyes swelled up right way and became red. Her lips were split and were bleeding. At the end of April 2001, Wu Wei called Liu Yanqin out, who was on hunger strike for over 80 days. He tried to force Liu to eat. Liu refused. Wu then became furious and beat her to the floor. He kicked her in the head with leather boots, kicking her across the floor for over 10 meters. She was black and blue all over her body. Moreover, Wu Wei ordered Chen Linghua, a female supervisor, to find 12 other people to beat Liu with boards and sticks.