(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Quanfeng, 39 years old, was formerly a "610 Office" official at the Fangzi District Police Department. He has since been transferred to another post. Since July of 1999, he had been following Jiang together with the former District Chief Huang Weilian to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners with all sorts of methods. During this period of over 4 years, Wang abducted and persecuted countless Dafa practitioners.

On July 22, 1999, Wang detained many practitioners in the Changcheng Inn and pressured practitioners to write pledges to give up Falun Gong and pay fines.

In June 2000, an elderly male practitioner was taken to the police station because he had been distributing Teacher's articles. Wang pushed the old man down to the ground and stepped on his legs with his boots. Four policemen beat the practitioner all at once. Some slapped his face and some punched him in the stomach. Wang kicked him to the ground and his lower back hit a table. The intense pain caused the practitioner to lose his sense of direction. The four officers pulled the practitioner up by the hair and ears, and continued beating him. After the beating, they handcuffed him to the iron post outside out in the baking sun. Later, Wang pinched and twisted the practitioner's chest and nipples. The sharp pain made the practitioner cry out, but Wang said, "If you cry out again, I will torture you to death."

A couple from Mucun Town went many times to Beijing to appeal. Wang made several attempts to abduct them but failed. To avoid arrest, the couple is unable to return safely to their home, leaving their 3-year-old child without parents' care.

In July of 2000, Wang kidnapped another practitioner. Wang struck the woman in the head and back, and she lost consciousness. Her back turned black and blue all over. In the autumn of 2000, Wang illegally detained this practitioner's mother in the police station and wanted to confiscate her car, but failed.

After Dafa practitioner Wang Yixin of Gouxi Town was tortured to death, his son and daughter-in-law were also forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. Wang Yixin's grandson had to remain home alone with only his grandmother.

On August 28, 2001, Wang Quanfeng and Zhao Chenglin led a policeman of the Seventh Street to break into a practitioner's home and search the house without any legal grounds. They confiscated Teacher's photos and music tapes for the exercises. They also tried to seize the practitioner. However, due to the righteous thoughts and actions by the practitioner, their attempts failed.

In the fall of 2001, a practitioner from the electric power plant was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. He was beaten by Wang Quanfeng and fined over 10,000 Yuan with no legal grounds, causing great difficulty [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.]

At the end of 2001, practitioner Ms. Du Jiqun from the District Education Department was forced to attend two brainwashing sessions held by the education department. Wang Quanfeng and Zhao Chenglin extorted 10,000 Yuan with no receipts from Ms. Du Jiqun's family. At the end of May 2002, Ms. Du was again abducted and illegally sentenced to 5 years in jail. She was later transferred to Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp.

In spring of 2002, practitioners Zhang Chuanzheng and Guo Xiuhong from Gouxi Town persisted in their practice of Falun Dafa and their efforts for truth clarification. Wang Quanfeng kidnapped Mr. Zhang Chuanzheng and sent him to Changle Forced Labor Camp (Mr. Zhang later broke out of the camp). Mrs. Guo Xiuhong, Zhang's wife, was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. In October 2002, the couple was again arrested and detained in Jinan Prison. Their young son is now living with his grandmother.

In May 2002, Wang Quanfeng broke into practitioner Mr. Zhu Tianfu's home in Cheliu Town and detained Mr. Zhu in the Eighth Road Detention Center. Mr. Zhu was sentenced to 5 years in jail and is now detained in Weibei Prison. His wife was forced to leave home.

On one night in June 2002, Wang Quanfeng led a group of police to break into a practitioner's home in Cheliu District and arrest her. Wang even tore the underwear of the young female practitioner whose husband then angrily denounced the police. Wang and other policemen beat the husband badly and caused him to lose control of his bowel movements.

In spring of 2003, Wang led a group of policemen to abduct a practitioner from Qouxi Town to Fenghuangshan Police Station. The practitioner's family all protested the illegal action. The practitioner's wife (a non-practitioner) was arrested and taken to the Eighth Road Detention Center where she was detained for a week. Their under-aged young daughter was also taken to the police station and detained there for one night. Her brother (the practitioners' oldest son, and a non-practitioner) was illegally detained for half a month.

The facts listed here are only some of the crimes committed by Wang Quanfeng.

Wang Quanfeng's phone number: 86-536-7602846(H), 86-13953605001(C)

January 27, 2004