Ms. Cui Xiuli, 34 years old, lives in Dahaozidian Village, Fushan Town, Jianping County, Liaoning Province. Before she started to practice Falun Dafa, Cui Xiuli had a serious heart problem. When her heart problem was acute, she could not take care of herself, bringing serious trouble to her family life and her work. She started to practice Falun Dafa in 1999, and from then on her health improved rapidly. Within three months she had become a healthy person. Since then she has been agile and full of energy, and came to understand the true meaning of her life. She treasures all that Falun Dafa has given her. During her cultivation thereafter, she diligently and constantly followed the principle of Falun Dafa, which is "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." As she elevated her moral standard, she became kinder to others. She tries her best to be a better and kinder person.

In July 1999, when Jiang's regime started to rampantly persecute Falun Dafa, Cui Xiuli was also targeted. Because handicapped Dafa practitioner Wang Zhiguo's place was suspected to have her phone number, the authorities used deceitful means to get the information. On March 8, 2002, Fushan Town Police Station personnel abducted Cui Xiuli and locked her in a detention center. Cui Xiuli defied the persecution; on April 7 she escaped from the detention center. She had to abandon her home and family to avoid being further persecuted. She traveled about homeless on the streets without anybody to depend on. Although her husband and five-year-old child were left behind, she could not go home.

On April 18, 2002, Cui Xiuli was again abducted in Jinzhou City. She was taken back and detained in the county's detention center for over fifty days. They did not let her go home until her family paid a fine.

Even after the fine was paid and Cui Xiuli was sent home, the persecution for her family was not over. In the summer of 2002, over a dozen police officers from the National Security Division from Jianping County and from the Fushan Town Police Station tried to abduct her again. Because Cui Xiuli firmly resisted, the police failed to kidnap her. But afterward, Cui Xiuli again had to leave her home, leaving behind her husband and son, who did not understand all this. She started her life in exile once again, going from place to place to avoid being further persecuted.

On February 26, 2004, Cui Xiuli was abducted again. It was persons from the National Security Division from Jianping County. The head of this division, Jiang Jie, is personally responsible for the persecution against Dafa practitioners in this county. He has been the person responsible for carrying out Jiang's group's directives and has ruthlessly persecuted Dafa practitioners. Every time Cui Xiuli was mistreated, it was with Jiang Jie's instructions.

Cui Xiuli was once a sick person with serious illnesses, but she became a healthy person after she started to practice Falun Dafa. She also became a good person who upholds morality and does kind deeds. For this she was persecuted, and her originally harmonious family was torn apart.

March 5, 2004