(Clearwisdom.net) I have a kind, hardworking daughter who shows filial piety to me. Neighbors praised her. Since I started practicing Dafa, my heart problem, lumbar vertebra protrusion, shoulder inflammation, and arthritis were all cured. My daughter was very happy to see that. She was convinced that Dafa has the power to change a person totally for the better. She showed much respect to Teacher and Dafa, and showed much concern to us. She bought Dafa books and tapes for me, and told me that after her period of working the night shift came to an end, she would study Dafa and start practicing together with us. She put Dafa books into her handbag.

But all of a sudden, July 20, 1999 came. All the media in China started spreading lies to defame and slander Dafa. To verify that Dafa is good through my personal experience, I went to Beijing to appeal. But the National Appealing Office had been turned into a place to arrest appealers. I was arrested and escorted back home as soon as I arrived in Beijing.

Just like many other people, who were fooled by the propaganda, my daughter was very confused. She turned against Dafa, and more seriously, after the Tiananmen Immolation Event, she was totally confused.

When I was released from the detention center, her attitude was very tough and she started to coerce me to give up my Dafa practice. I said: "How could I stop such a great practice?" She stared at me and said: "You will be the root of trouble to our home if you continue the practice!" I said: "You have seen the big health benefits I have gained since I started the practice. Before, I needed your support even to go up or down one stair. Now, I am full of energy and walk freely. It relieves all of you from the burden of taking care of me." She shouted: "Don't say that. I'll serve you if you are paralyzed, but don't do the practice!" She has lost her kind nature and conscience under the pressure from Jiang's regime and the lies spread by the media.

She said, while calling my name directly (a sign of disrespect in Chinese tradition): "Now, you jump out from the building. After you die, we will all be safe. Or, go to the driveway to let a car run over you." Since my work place assigned two people to monitor me 24 hours a day, she could not take the pressure. She threw a kitchen knife in front of me and said: "Or you die at home!" She has become crazy under pressure and after being poisoned by the lies spread by Jiang's regime. Seeing that I was quiet, she picked up the knife and put it to her own neck and said: "If you promise to stop the practice, then everything will be OK. Otherwise, I will die in front of you since you do not want to die! After I die, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Your heart will never again be peaceful." At that moment, the two people monitoring me came and took the knife away from her. She closed the door and shut the two people outside. Then, she spoke in a horrible, low voice: "Or you change the method to die. There is a drug that is painless after it's injected. You will die with no pain. Nobody will know. If you do not want to die alone, I will be injected as well and die with you." My daughter is a medical professional. Now, she has become like a ghost and said to me: "You die. After you die, I will be free."

Under the atmosphere of terror created by Jiang Zemin's regime, my daughter has become such an insane person. This is evidence of Jiang Zemin's crimes.

To let her become reasonable again, I tried my best to behave myself according to Dafa and to let her feel the goodness of Dafa bit by bit. Combined with the truth clarification efforts by my fellow practitioners from the outside, she has understood that Jiang's regime is telling lies and poisoning people. She has started to look at Dafa and practitioners in the right way.