(Clearwisdom.net) Near the end of 2000, we rented four apartments in Tong County, which is a suburb of Beijing. We made truth-clarification materials there and also used the apartments to accommodate practitioners from out of town who came to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. One night, however, police broke into the apartments, arresting a dozen practitioners and confiscating computers and other equipment, which was a huge loss. After the incident, we met with a practitioner who was there that night and she told us what had happened:

That night over a dozen practitioners who came from other areas to appeal in Beijing were all studying the Fa and sharing experiences with each other. Some of them had gone to Tiananmen in order to validate the Fa several times and had escaped detention with righteous thoughts. One practitioner was a mother carrying a small child. Another had just been released from a labor camp. This practitioner was still very weak and required help when using the bathroom due to having been on a hunger strike for such a long period of time. His firm belief in Teacher and Dafa greatly inspired all of us. At around 10:00pm, we planned to go to bed, but felt something unusual downstairs (there were practitioners on the second floor of the apartment making posters). We looked outside through the window and saw police vans and many policemen. We figured something was wrong on the second floor. Immediately, we locked the door, put away the Dafa materials, turned off the lights and sat together. During that time we did not know about sending forth-righteous thoughts yet, but we all had the thought of not allowing the evil to open the door. All of us were very calm and we encouraged each other, forming an indestructible body.

Soon we heard a knock on the door but paid no attention to it and continued reciting the Fa. After a while, we heard someone opening the lock with a master key. We sent out one thought: we would not allow the police to open the door. As a result, the police tried for quite some time but still could not open the door. Then the police started bashing the door with some kind of object. Finally they broke the lock, rushed into the room and ordered us to go downstairs. We all refused and recited Teacher's poems together. We shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" Our words broke the silence of the night and resonated throughout the entire apartment complex. It moved the hearts of those who heard it and frightened the evil. The police carried us downstairs and pushed us into their vans. We kept on reciting the Fa in the vans. It was already midnight. The small child I had previously mentioned was very good that night; he did not cry at all and it was as if he understood what was happening.

After driving for over an hour in the drizzling rain, the police suddenly stopped the vans. They opened the door and asked us to get out. We did not move and they had to carry us out one by one. The police were exhausted from doing that and then started to leave. However, just at the moment when they started the vans, they were stunned to see us practitioners lying on the ground in front of the vans in order to stop them from moving. The police then had to jump out of the vans and drag us to side of the road. But once they let go of us, we then ran over again to stop the vans. In the end, the police had to tightly hold the practitioners while asking the drivers to move the vans. After the vans started moving, they let go of the practitioners and rushed over to jump in the vans, running away as fast as they could. Looking at each other, we saw that we were all covered with mud. We could not hold back our laughter.

Later we learned that the police had dropped us off in the village of Langfang, 31 miles away from Beijing.

At the time, we had no idea where we were. It was dark all around and we fumbled our way out the village. When dawn arrived, we asked the people we met where we were and from them learned it was Langfang City. We bought tickets and went back to Beijing.

The experience of that night is a precious memory. We realized that as long as we firmly resist the evil and form an indestructible body, we can deny the arrangements of the old forces.