(Minghui.org) After the publication of the article "Do Not Become a Demon that Undermines the Fa", the Minghui editors published another warning in an article entitled "Stop Destroying Yourselves and Ruining Others; Do not be Used by Secret Agents." Afterwards, we received reports saying that some practitioners in Mainland China are worshipping figures in Buddhism, (this time named something Kong and something Xing) and some even went so far as to claim that they had "enlightened" that it was Master who asked them to find a master in Buddhism and other such sayings, trying to justify what they were doing.

As a cultivator, before being completely Unlocked and reaching enlightenment, who would dare to claim that he or she has cultivated to a certain level? These people cannot even follow the most fundamental principle of "committing to one discipline," yet they dare to talk about "enlightenment." Instead of proving that they are at a high level, they have exposed how low their level is and their strong attachments. They are attached to validating themselves and showing off. Being such kinds of people, would the dark minions and rotten demons allow you to cultivate upwards as Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples? They will undoubtedly push you down towards hell! Do you dare to say that you have already completed cultivation in Dafa? How could upright enlightened beings in the new universe cultivated from Dafa exhibit the irrational words and actions and character that you have exhibited?

For all those practitioners who have involved themselves in this incident or in similar incidents, your starting point might have been that you wanted to highlight how well you've cultivated or satisfy certain ordinary people's attachments, but the actual result is that you are not only destroying yourself, but also interfering with other disciples' efforts to validate the Fa. You have done what the evil wants. You've placed yourselves amidst the persecution by the dark minions and rotten demons, and your life is at the brink of danger--yet you still don't know it! You are truly harming yourselves and others.

Wake up quickly! Master is merciful. For a long time you have refused to let go of the attachments to yourself and selfishness, leading to those attachments being magnified and made use of by the evil, and causing you to irrationally make the big mistake of invalidating and destroying your qualifications to be Dafa disciples. Under these circumstances, our merciful Master still has not given up on you and has not allowed the gods to punish you according to Heaven's laws, making it possible for you to still have opportunities to correct your mistakes and cultivate your way back before the Fa-rectification comes to an end. It is hoped that you will immediately become clearheaded and return to the Dafa disciples' righteous path of solidly doing the three things. Stop deceiving and harming yourselves, as well as others!