(Clearwisdom.net) There were reports on Clearwisdom Net about the persecution deaths of Falun Dafa practitioners Peng Min and his mother. I went to see Peng Min before he was tortured to death. Even now I can recall what I saw, as everything happened before my eyes.

Peng Min was a practitioner from our group exercise site and all his family members practiced Falun Gong. Before the persecution began on July 20, 1999, he was a great practitioner and a very spiritual and strong young man. His family was poor with five people living in an old and dilapidated house. His father repaired bikes and his mother ran a small business for a living. They often helped others without mentioning or considering the costs, even though their financial situation was bad.

After July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime enforced the brutal persecution on his family. His house was searched many times. The police had been monitoring his family activities from the roof of a single-story house opposite to his home using a telescope. Peng Min's father, mother, elder brother and younger sister were detained illegally after Falun Gong was banned and his mother died as a result of the persecution.

After the persecution began, Peng Min went to Beijing. He actively organized group discussions and sharing so that everyone would improve together. He kindly provided accommodation to practitioners from other locations. He offered everything selflessly to others and he himself lived on instant noodles everyday. He was recognized as a "key target" by the Beijing police.

He was later arrested and sent back to Wuhan City. As he never gave up his faith even in the brainwashing center, he was persecuted and tortured until he suffered a cervical vertebrate fracture, which caused the paralysis of his whole body. Not long after he was sent back home, the police station had many policemen go to his home and forcefully take him to the Seventh Hospital of Wuhan City for monitoring. All the news was strictly controlled and covered up.

I overcame much difficulty and interference and went to the hospital to see him twice.

His family members were detained in the same small cell and his mother and his younger brother took care of him. The police were in the next room for 24-hour monitoring. When I saw him, his lower back and buttocks were entangled with gauze. After being bedridden for so long without treatment, there was a large bedsore on his buttocks and the tissue had begun to deteriorate to the point that the bone could be seen. At that time, he had a low fever, but his mind was clear. His condition was very prone to developing blood poisoning, and his condition was critical. However, the police did not provide any medical treatment or nursing care and let the condition worsen. A policeman even said, "I hope it will be over soon so that we do not need to stay here and monitor everyday." They truly have no regard for human life!

When I went there for the second time in two months, Peng Min's situation had worsened. Surprisingly, this time the nurses were busy taking care of him. I wondered why they so suddenly had changed their attitude. Later I learned that it was because someone from the TV station was planning to shoot a program there. They fabricated the scene in which the authorities showed great concern for Falun Gong practitioners and lied to the viewers, saying, "The government truly cares about Falun Gong. His practice of Falun Gong caused him to become ill, and he did not want to come to the hospital. After the government tried many times, he was brought to the hospital for active treatment and nursing. However, due to his serious condition, it was impossible to cure him." From this, one can see how the media lies and slanders Falun Gong. Several days later, I heard the news that Peng Min passed away.