(Clearwisdom.net) Despite Falun Gong practitioners' kind attempts to persuade them to do otherwise, Shanhaiguan Court in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province held more trials on the morning of September 17, 2004. The court handed down sentences without legal grounds for five Falun Dafa practitioners. Practitioner Mr. Wu Wenzhang was sentenced to three and one-half years in jail. Ms. Chen Ying was sentenced to a three-year term with three years probation. Mr. Li Yuekun and Ms. Deng Chunfeng were both sentenced to two years in jail and four years probation. Ms. Gao Jihong was sentenced to two years in jail and two years probation. Among these practitioners, Mr. Wu Wenzhang has already submitted an appeal.

Previously, Shanhaiguan Court held trials for these practitioners on August 24 without legal basis. These so-called "court trials" were held in secret. At around 8:00 a.m. on August 24, four policemen tried to force practitioner Mr. Wei Danquan, who was in life-threatening danger, to the court for trial, but Wei's family strongly opposed it and argued with reason. They requested that police sign a statement assuming responsibility for the consequences if they insisted on taking Mr. Wei, but the officers were afraid to do so and left empty-handed.

Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Wei Danquan, Chen Ying, and others were arrested on April 30, 2004, because they clarified the truth about Falun Gong to people. Ever since, they have endured severe mental and physical persecution. As a result of the persecution, Mr. Wei Danquan's phthisis has recurred, and he was released on bail on June 4. Mr. Wei, who has endured brutal tortures, started to vomit blood around September 7. Previously, he has vomited large amounts of blood several times, and the hospital diagnosed him with phthisis, a life threatening condition. He is now resting at home. Shanhaiguan Court callously issued a second subpoena for him despite his extremely poor condition, but Mr. Wei did not show up. During the period of time when Mr. Wei was in life-threatening danger, his family went to Guan Xiyou, the head of the "610 Office," but Guan only spread lies about "Falun Gong making trouble again." When asked what kind of trouble Falun Gong was making, Guan Xiyou was unable to substantiate his statement.

The phone numbers of those responsible and their relatives are:

Lu Shuli, Qinhuangdao City Police Department Deputy Director, 86-335-3034919 (Office)
Police Department: 86-335-3631722 and 86-335-3631723
Police Department Security Section, 86-335-3034887

Ding Guolai, former director of "610 Office" in Shanhaiguan District and Communist Party Political and Legislation Committee Chief (in charge of persecution against Falun Gong), 86-335-5037277 (Office), 86-335-5053296 (Home)
Ding's wife, Zhou Jingwen, is an employee of Shanhaiguan Police Department.

Guan Xiyou, director of the "610 Office" in Shanhaiguan District, 86-335-5051072, 86-335-5050267 (Home), 86-13903345303 (Cell)
Guan's wife Yi Chunxia is a teacher of Shanhaiguan City Nanyuan Middle School.

Liu Guangsheng, Deputy Director of Shanhaiguan District Police Department, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong and head of the "610" Office," 86-335-5052421 (Office), 86-335-5052315, 86-335-5057838 (Home), 86-13930385885 (Cell)
Liu's wife Sheng Lianyu resides in Shanhaiguan District Police Bureau family housing.

Zhang Deyue, chief of Shanhaiguan District Police Bureau Section One, 86-335-5052464 (Office), 86-335-5076600 (Home), 86-13930326695 (Cell), 86-13930321117 (Cell), 86-13933508704

Fu Yong, Shanhaiguan District Police Department Section #1, 86-335-5052464,
Fu's wife, Wang He, is an employee of Shanhaiguan District Police Department

Qinhuangdao City Shanhaiguan Court
Director Li Xiaoming: 86-335-5052452
Deputy Director, Wang Yu (in charge of court trail cases), 86-13503353958 (Cell), 86-335-5065274
Chief Justice: Wang Chun, 86-335-5073117 (Home), 86-130-81840118 (Cell)
Judge: Wang Jianwen, 86-335-5057380 (Home), 86-335-8663656
Judge: Zhang Youze, 86-335-5027127