(Minghui.org) Recently the following phenomenon has occurred in Beijing and Tianjin: a few practitioners have been very active in collecting funds, and claiming or believing that they are providing funding for disciples outside of China to clarify the truth. This is an act that severely undermines the Fa--Dafa cultivation strictly forbids collecting funds. In the past five years, all of the Dafa disciples' activities around the world to clarify the truth and promote Dafa were paid for by the Dafa disciples giving what they can under difficult conditions, within the limits of their individual abilities. It has never been permitted to collect funds, and this act that severely violates the principles of cultivation will not be allowed in the future, either. At the present time, whoever does this is intentionally undermining the Fa. This matter's occurrence is undoubtedly being directed by special agents behind the scenes. It is hoped that all Dafa disciples, especially the Dafa disciples in Mainland China, will rationally, clearheadedly, and in accordance with Master's requirements, let go of human attachments and diligently clarify the truth to the world's people. In particular, let's not miss the chance with the people around us, and do not continue to allow fake scriptures, fund-collection, and various other unrighteous things arising out of human attachments to interfere with us and damage the environment for us to clarify the truth of the persecution.

Collecting funds among Dafa disciples under any pretext is an act of undermining the Fa, and all genuinely cultivating disciples should have a clear understanding of this issue. If someone is collecting funds in the name of Dafa disciples, everyone has the responsibility to come forward to clarify the truth and stop this act of sabotage.

September 28, 2004