(Clearwisdom.net, January 4, 2004)

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Picture 1: The First Henan Provincial Female Labor Camp, also known as Shibalihe Female Labor Camp, is located at the Shibalihe Town, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou City. All female Falun Gong practitioners from Henan Province who have been unlawfully sentenced to re-education through forced labor are imprisoned here.

Picture 2: Zhengzhou City Baimiao Labor Camp is located at 62 Wenhua Road, Zhengzhou City, zip code: 4500002. It illegally detains male Dafa practitioners from Zhengzhou City.

Picture 3: Wanqing Mountain Villa is located at West Huandao Road, Zhengzhou City. It is 100 meter south of the Zhengzhou Prison and is next to the Shiyuan new resident area in Xushui Town. All Zhengzhou Dafa practitioners who are subjected to brainwashing are detained here.

Picture 4: Henan Provincial Qiligang Cement Factory belongs to the Henan Provincial prison and forced labor system, is also called the 15th branch, which could be the serial number of the armed police brigade who are administrating jails.

Picture 5: The Third Henan Provincial Labor Camp is located on the road from Xuchang City to Pingding Mountain, and is closed to the Bayi Factory at the suburb of Xuchang City. Except for Zhengzhou City, Kaifeng City, and Luoyang City, where there are male forced labor camps, all practitioners from other places who have been illegally sentenced to forced labor are incarcerated here.

Picture 6: Henan Provincial Female Prison, also called the Headquarter of the Xinxiang Coat Factory, is located at the north of the Nanhuan Road of Xinxiang City. It covered an area of 180,000 square meters and was established in July 1982. It is governed by the Henan Provincial Prison Administration Buearu, and is the only prison that holds female criminals. All female Dafa practitioners from Henan Province who are illegally sentenced to jail are imprisoned here.