At noon on November 11, 2003, when Mr. Sun Baoyu from Yongji County was clarifying the truth in the First Village in Erdao Township of Fengman District of Jilin City, the police of Erdao Township Police Station illegally arrested him. At that time, several policemen beat his face with a bamboo rod, and then took him to Erdao Township Police Station.

In the station, several policemen handcuffed Mr. Sun Baoyu behind the back and forced him to squat by a wall. Then they pressed a stool on his head, sat by his side, and put their feet on the stool. They tried to force him to tell his name, address, and the source of the Dafa truth-clarifying materials. He resisted the persecution with righteous thoughts and started to clarify the truth to them, and the policemen started to beat him. Several policemen kicked him in his chest, then took turns fiercely kicking his face and head. They slammed his head against the wall and it bounced back. This continued for more than 20 minutes.

In the evening, the police used several handcuffs to handcuff him behind the back onto the head of a bed, pressing his head onto his chest and torturing him like this for a whole night. The second day, after other people came to work, the police moved him to another room to torture him with a cruel method: they cuffed his two hands and also tied up his feet. They pierced three of his fingers with a one and a half inch safety pin and the pin penetrated the nail completely. The policeman claimed that, "I pierced 60-70 people like you, but I didn't receive any retribution." Later the head and Party Secretary of Erdao Township as well as the Fengman District Magistrate tried to force Sun Baoyu to tell his name and the source of his truth materials, and he continued to clarify the truth of Dafa to them.

The police could not do anything with Mr. Sun Baoyu, so they sent him to the Third Detention Center of Jilin City on the afternoon of November 12. During that period, the police at the detention center interrogated him only once, and Mr. Sun Baoyu only had one sentence to answer them, "I don't get involved in politics, and it is my freedom of choice to practice Falun Gong." He was illegally sentenced to forced-labor for one year on December 3, and sent to the Yinmahe Labor Camp in Jiutai City, Jilin Province. In the car, Mr. Sun Baoyu sent forth strong righteous thoughts to firmly resist the evil, "The labor camp is not a place for Dafa practitioners to stay in, and I want to go home to validate the Fa." In the end, the labor camp refused to accept him, so the police had no choice but to send him home.

Fengman District Branch of Jilin City Police Department: Jilin Street, Jilin City, Post Code: 132000

Fengman District government, Jilin City: 76 Jilin Street, Jilin City, Post Code: 132000.

The open phone number of District Magistrate: 86-432-4661948, director office: 86-432-4661727, 86-432-4661617, 86-432-4663053.

Erdao Township government: 86-432-4721001, 86-432-4721008

The phone numbers of responsible people in Jilin Province:

Director of Prison Administration Bureau of Jilin Province: 86-431-2750001

Department Head of Prison Administration Bureau of Jilin Province, Yu De: 86-431-2750018

Party Secretary of Prison Administration Bureau of Jilin Province, Xu X: 86-431-2750003

Warden of Jilin Prison of Jilin Province, Li Qiang: 86-432-4881551 ext warden

Written on December 14, 2003