On July 20, 2000, policemen from the Yan Suburb Substation in Sanhe County of Hebei Province once again went to harass Dafa practitioners in their home.

At around 7 o'clock at night, Wang Xiuqin, an elderly Dafa practitioner in her 60's from Nanhangkou Village, was quietly reading her Falun Dafa book at home. Suddenly, a group of policemen broke in. One policeman stepped on a counter, took down Teacher's picture and ran off. Grandma Wang quickly put down her book and chased after him. She stopped and thought of her book, and went back to get it, but it was already taken by a policeman. The policemen then drove off in a vehicle. Because her book was missing, she chased after the car. Other village people yelled to her: "You're almost 70 years old, how can you chase a car?" The old lady returned home, got on her bicycle and continued the chase again. She knew that the policemen would go to other practitioners' homes to harass them also. She rushed to the next village down, Wangge Village, but with one look, saw that the police were not there. She then went a little further to Zhaoxin Village. She saw the policemen were in Li Shulan's home. There were two police cars parked in front. The elderly woman ran to policeman Liu Yalu, where Li Shulan was clarifying the truth to him.

Grandma Wang with a force and a sense of justice, said to Liu: "If you don't give back my book, I won't let you leave!" Liu refused to budge for a long time, and the other policemen in succession began to leave, and only Liu Yalu was left in the house. He gave the substation a phone call to tell them to send some backup, and he also threatened Grandma Wang, but she was not afraid at all. Liu tried to walk out, all the way onto the street. But Grandma Wang grabbed him and thought in her heart: "You aren't able to leave!" and Liu really did just stand there not moving. When others arrived, many policemen at the same time exerted force to pry off Grandma Wang's fingers. After that, they went back to their cars and quickly drove away.