(Clearwisdom.net) I recently relocated to another city for a new job. I got in touch with an old classmate from primary school. When I began to clarify the truth to him, I discovered he already understood about the persecution, and had even more inside news since his brother works in the National Security Bureau.

He shared information rarely heard by the public. When I saw recent articles written by practitioners outside China that exposed the crimes committed by agents from the Chinese National Security Bureau to practitioners outside China, I felt it was necessary to write down what I know to expose the persecution of Falun Dafa and practitioners by the Chinese National Security Bureau.

Usually, when practitioners from outside China are arrested, they are quickly released because it is not politically acceptable to detain them long with their foreign passports. There are two situations typically experienced by practitioners from outside China. Those who have unshakable belief in Teacher usually get deported because the Bureau realizes the only thing they will get is negative publicity around the world if they wrongly imprison the citizens of other countries. And then there are those who are attached to fear. Since they live abroad, they may not know the extent of the persecution in China. Under great pressure, experiencing brutal persecution themselves, they may lose their righteous thoughts due to attachments to sentimentality and material benefits they cannot let go. After endless interrogation and constant brainwashing by one security agent after another, they not only write the so-called "statement of regret" and "statement of guarantee", but also tell everything they know from outside China. Some even continue to provide information after they return to their home country. There are two reasons they do this. One is because their family members or the interest of their property in China are threatened. The other reason is that the agents blackmail them to serve for the Chinese National Security Bureau, threatening to expose the documents they signed and the information they provided to the agents under coercion.

Practitioners in China face a tougher situation. National security agents all over China have obtained very detailed information regarding local Falun Dafa practitioners. Some practitioners' phones have been tapped for a long time providing a record of practitioners' phone calls for several years and much information they use to target the persecution more effectively. They know who contacted whom, where they met, etc. They monitor practitioners' cell phones, pagers, and telephones for a long time and gather these details when practitioners share information with other practitioners. They can also see what practitioners browse on the Internet via cable or phone. If practitioners don't place enough importance on the issue of security, the evil can take advantage of this loophole.

Many practitioners feel pretty safe. Some have been followed by spies for quite a while without being arrested. But we should not be careless. As a practitioner they choose to follow, they may trail you for half a year or even longer in an attempt to obtain more information about other practitioners. They have been doing this the whole time.

The most contemptible thing that the National Security Bureau does is to interrogate abducted practitioners day and night, taking advantage of those who do not let go of their attachments. They not only get the information they want, but also force some of the practitioners to act as their agents and to collect information among practitioners about things such as truth-clarifying material sites. Usually, it is easy to distinguish people who have betrayed their belief after brainwashing at prison, forced labor camp or detention center, since what they say is full of lies, and practitioners won't tell them anything useful. But agents that have been trained are hard to recognize. They read the books, and say something that sounds right while communicating with practitioners, to confuse them. These corrupt individuals that damage Dafa cannot truly understand Dafa or practitioners at any level, and will eventually show their true colors.

The most difficult to distinguish are those who have been brainwashed. Everyone around them knows they learned Dafa and practiced Dafa, so when they come back to do damage from inside, it is very hard to tell. Some of them may do this under pressure and against their will, mainly because they cannot let go of their attachments to life and death. Others may follow the evil instructions willingly. How can we distinguish them? Do not judge a person by how long he has studied Dafa or how much prestige he has gained among practitioners. To measure whether a person is good or bad depends on his xinxing, and on how much he has assimilated to Dafa. Those who are taken advantage of by the evils and damage Dafa will certainly be far away from Dafa. The Fa is diminished in their minds. We should be wary of those who do not study the Fa for a long time, who don't talk from the perspective of the Fa, who do things not based on the Fa, and who are very active and visit many places, inquiring about the source of truth-clarifying materials.

It is said that thousands of agents and spies have been sent to North America to gather information on Falun Gong, not to mention those in China. They find out about relatives and friends of practitioners outside China, and threaten their personal safety or lure them with material interests to attract overseas practitioners back to China for arrest. Those who have been brainwashed and transformed are also used to lure overseas practitioners back. They have adequate manpower, equipment and money provided by Jiang Zemin to do these things. They use the most advanced instruments in monitoring Dafa practitioners. The evil cannot arrest those practitioners who act and think with righteous thoughts, but it can tape their phone calls and do damage through exposure.

There are some "part time" agents. The "610 Office" enrolls these people through "word of mouth" among relatives and friends, so it is not widely known. These people provide information about Falun Gong practitioners around them and get paid based on the value of their information. These people are quiet in society, may not show any attitude toward Falun Gong, and cannot be differentiated from their appearance.

When practitioners outside China write articles concerning persecution they experienced, they feel surprised and do not know why the evil knows so much about them. My purpose in writing this article is to expose the tactics used rather than say how powerful the evil is. As long as our field is righteous, the evil dares not enter, but practitioners who cannot let go of their attachments may experience persecution, which causes damage to Dafa. So, during the last stage of validating Dafa, we should do well the three things that Teacher requires of us. We should pay attention to the issue of security while studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth. In order to be responsible for the Fa, we must not let the evil take advantage of our carelessness and attachments.

Many people inside the National Security Bureau know some truth about Dafa, but do not have an overall understanding of Dafa. They act as tools to persecute Dafa under Jiang's abuse of power. The fact that the national security agents make full use of the most advanced equipment in persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners shows that Jiang is in his death throes. We hope fellow practitioners in all areas of China expose the phone numbers of national security agents, and the phone numbers of clerks working in the National Security Bureau, online. We also hope that practitioners outside China will make phone calls to these people and expose the evils they committed in their local area. Together we can eliminate the National Security Bureau's brutal persecution of Dafa.

Some people from the National Security Bureau have learned the truth and no longer follow Jiang's orders. If everyone in the National Security Bureau knew the truth, they would not deceive themselves or do any more damage. They are responsible for many things done to practitioners outside China, including monitoring, interfering, and collecting personal information. They have played a part in many persecution cases in China. I suggest that we collect information about the staff of the National Security Bureau and expose their crimes. I suggest that practitioners in and outside China work together to suffocate the evil with our righteous thoughts.