(Clearwisdom.net Aug 24, 2003) On the evening of the Chinese New Year, 2001, a total of about 20 to 30 people including policemen from the Police Station of Wujing Town, Xinjing County and government officials from Wujing Town, ambushed and abducted Mrs. Jiang Shuilian on her way home. Jiang's husband tore the tie of a policeman to pieces during the process of the dispute. The policeman forced Jiang's husband to pay compensation of 200 Yuan, and charged him with interfering with public safety, fining him another 200 Yuan.

Jiang Shuilian was detained for three months and was fined 5,000 Yuan before she was released. Because Jiang was frightened when she was abducted, and because various high pressure persecution tactics were used against her during the three months' detention, she became mentally unstable when she was released. Her family took her to a hospital where they spent several thousand Yuan before she got better.