Some practitioners still cannot conscientiously study the Fa at this stage, so although they had sufficient time, it was not used well.

When some practitioners saw other practitioners not being able to conscientiously study the Fa, they suggested that they study the Fa more or try to memorize the Fa. However, when told this, certain practitioners didn't like hearing such a suggestion, and expressed that even being able to memorize all of the Fa would not be of much use without being able to behave accordingly. This implies that although it seems as if less attentiveness is being placed on studying the Fa, the heart is determined in cultivation, and this is enough.

In my view, these practitioners are in fact looking for excuses to justify their unwillingness to cultivate diligently. I think there are two reasons for this. One is the attachment to having a comfortable life; thus, one would not want to spend the effort on diligently studying the Fa. Secondly, the old forces are controlling and using practitioners' attachments and one's human side may not be aware of this.

Some practitioners suggested memorizing Master's article, "Expounding on the Fa" and the section, "Your Master Consciousness Needs to be Strong" from Zhuan Falun. I personally think doing that is very beneficial in eliminating all obstacles that interfere with studying the Fa and I would like to invite other practitioners to give it a try.

This is only my personal understanding. Please kindly point out any inappropriateness.