Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference

(Li Hongzhi, June 22, 2003, in Chicago)

Hello! (Enthusiastic applause)

You could say we really do have a grand occasion here. (Enthusiastic applause) And there are quite a lot of students here. You've all seen that when you think back, from July 20, 1999, all the way up till today, we've gone through a period of time that's not too long but that's felt extremely long, and during this time you've experienced so much. All kinds of things that had never happened before have been concentrated here in this little human world, everything that the old forces arranged in the cosmos to interfere with the Fa-rectification has been at work here, and all the things that have come for the Fa, formed for the Fa, and been created for the Fa have manifested during this time. And what's most notable is that the students in Mainland China have experienced unprecedented persecution, and in this persecution the evil has used all the means of persecution there are, from all times and all lands. The evil is out of tricks.

Looking at the current situation, even though Dafa disciples and I have experienced this period of history that was forced upon us by the old forces, it's also been advantageous for Dafa disciples; the many Dafa disciples' remarkable righteous thoughts and righteous actions are worthy of being treasured, and are, I have to say, truly exceptional. It was forced upon us by the old forces, but a lot of the Dafa disciples have, after all, conducted themselves really well amidst this persecution. While validating the Fa the Dafa disciples have established the mighty virtue of Enlightened Beings that are forged by Dafa, and they've established the unprecedented magnificence of Dafa disciples' validating the Fa during the Fa-rectification. (Enthusiastic applause)

You've experienced so much in these few years, and all of you have endured tests in the form of many trials and tribulations in this persecution. It hasn't ended yet--you're still validating the Fa, you're still walking the path that a Dafa disciple should walk. Until the evil factors are completely cleaned out you can't let down your guard, and you should still try even harder to completely eliminate the evil factors that persecute the Fa-rectification and Dafa disciples. Actually, the old forces are nothing more than an enormous tribulation that was set up in the cosmos for my Fa-rectification. Way back when, no being thought I could overcome it. So with that understanding, a lot of the cosmos's high-level beings took the stance of watching from the sidelines, while the beings who've taken part have been using the opportunity of the Fa-rectification to do what they want, with absolutely no second thoughts about it. But as for the matter at hand, many of the cosmos's Kings and Lords know that it is critical to the survival of the firmament; if this Fa-rectification doesn't succeed everything will be gone. Yet they don't want fundamental changes. So it's exactly under the effect of this complicated state of mind that the beings of different levels have demonstrated the true realms deep inside themselves and their behavior.

Because of this complicated state of the high-level beings, the impact on the tiny little Three Realms, and especially on the human world and the sentient beings in the Three Realms, has been just huge. One single thought up there causes huge differences in the behavior of sentient beings at different levels; one single thought up there can cause earth-shaking changes down below. So when that final thing of the old forces is eliminated, that's not the boundary of the cosmic firmament, and the Fa-rectification isn't finished, but at that point the old forces cease to exist further on up, and there's no longer any factor that's related to the old forces; the appearance of the old forces in the firmament was arranged entirely from that point down. So if back when that happened I had really followed the path arranged by the old forces, when I would have reached this point in my Fa-rectification this time it would have ended without changing the status quo, everything that was done would be no different from the warped characteristics that the old cosmos had before, and as a result the Fa-rectification would have been for nothing. Those gigantic Kings in the firmament thought that no being could overcome such an enormous tribulation, and that it'd be impossible for Fa-rectification to succeed. A lot of the cosmos's Gods said to me, "I wish you success." Those words, you know, they have profound meaning. They thought that it would be absolutely impossible to overcome it, but I did. (Long, enthusiastic applause)

In the human world, Dafa disciples have come through in validating the Fa. (Enthusiastic applause) You've been through a lot during this process. But because you have human thoughts and lots and lots of attachments that you still haven't been able to let go of, during the process of Dafa disciples' validating the Fa, lots of people have taken detours on their path, and they've made mistakes that a Dafa disciple shouldn't make, and in your cooperation with each other there's often been discord, with people insisting on their own views. But no matter what, I'm telling you, Dafa disciples, the fact that you have come through under such difficult circumstances, that's the greatest mighty virtue, it's unmatched mighty virtue. (Enthusiastic applause) Everything is inconsequential compared to Dafa disciples validating the Fa, it's the hugest thing, and you've done it! (Enthusiastic applause)

It's outstanding, truly outstanding! Sometimes I look back at the path Dafa disciples have traveled, and I think it's outstanding. And why do I say that? Never in the history of mankind have cultivators validated the Fa, and in the history of the cosmos nothing like Fa-rectification has ever taken place, even Gods had never heard of "Fa-rectification" before, and when it comes to how to validate the Fa in the human world, it is even more true that there is no example to follow. It has all depended on Dafa disciples making their way through this Fa-rectification path and blazing the path of validating the Fa, and they have left--for the future, for the sentient beings of the future, for the human society of the future, and for all the sentient beings in various realms of the future--they've left the way and state of cultivation, of validating the Fa, and of beings' existence at different levels in the future. That's why it is of utmost importance. If you don't walk your path well during this Fa-rectification, it will actually result in losses for the future. The better you walk your path, the more solid and more all-harmonizing-and-never-failing is the path of life you pave for the future. That's no ordinary thing. The Earth appears to be so small, but all the beings in the entire cosmos, all the gigantic cosmic bodies, they've all come down here, and this place has become the focal point of all beings, this place has become the focal point of the cosmos. So nothing that's been done here since the start of the Fa-rectification has been trivial.

Also, the beings you save when you clarify the facts and save sentient beings aren't ordinary human beings. Behind every person there are extensive and deeper cosmic ties. So what you're saving isn't that one person, and it's quite possibly a gigantic group of beings, or even a gigantic group of beings at very high levels. I've said that none of what's been bestowed upon and entrusted to Dafa disciples is simple--it's all really magnificent. But under normal circumstances none of the things we do when we're validating the Fa look like miracles or divine occurrences. They're all just human in form on the surface. That's why with lots of things it looks like we're doing ordinary human things. And especially when it comes to all those people who don't know much about Dafa, they think that all we're doing is ordinary human stuff. But in fact it's different, it is fundamentally different. Our starting point, our goals, and the objective we want to achieve are all different from those of ordinary people. We aren't trying to achieve some ordinary human things among ordinary people. We aren't interested in ordinary people's money, or ordinary people's politics or political power. You are cultivators, and Dafa disciples want to achieve the Consummation of their cultivation. In this Fa-rectification it's been fully shown that what Dafa disciples do can't be done or accomplished by ordinary people. When Dafa disciples validate the Fa, how come one person can do what it would take ten or a hundred people to do? And, while validating the Fa you've seen that the kind of cultivators' mighty virtue that the Dafa disciples in Mainland China have displayed in the face of death is something ordinary people couldn't achieve--that's not something ordinary people could do. And what's more, this persecution hasn't just gone on for a day or two, it's lasted for a few years now. Being able to come through under that kind of long-term, awful torment--you can't compare that to enduring momentary pain or to something driven by impulse. That's why I say that Dafa disciples are outstanding. Today I can tell you this: Dafa disciples are magnificent, and you've established Dafa's magnificence in validating the Fa in the human world. (Enthusiastic applause)

Looking at the current situation, you can't compare it anymore to the situation around July 20th of 1999. Around July 20, 1999, when we were most severely persecuted by that evil, we were pretty much on the defensive; the evil was persecuting us, and we were really laboring to tell the world's people about it. We were in quite a passive position. Now the situation is different. We can say that the evil things at low levels have been destroyed to the point that few remain, and other than the small number of bad people they control, their ability to control the world's people however they please has been pretty much eliminated. As a result, the world's people are waking up and thinking things over, since they've been freed from external controls. This is your achievement in validating the Fa. Also, this entire persecution consists of lies, slander, and the most despicable means that can't bear the light of day. They don't dare to let people know, since the world's people will be shocked once they learn the facts. That's why Dafa disciples' clarifying the facts is the most powerful thing. Exposing the evil, exposing this persecution, that's the most powerful way to eliminate and restrain them.

You've done very well, and you've had that effect. So, as far as this whole persecution goes, today the situation is already pretty different from before. And especially outside of Mainland China, we've now gone from being on the defensive to being on the offensive; those evil beings are on the defensive now, because there are really few evil factors now. And those people in the evil gang who were being used are changing, too. You could say that the evil's attempt to persecute Falun Gong beyond Mainland China has been a complete failure. (Enthusiastic applause)

And in Mainland China, too, the evil's persecution is failing. As you've seen, since the evil factors really are few now, the evil beings can only use the media that they still control to make up lies, but people don't believe them anymore. By clarifying the facts inside and outside of China together, Dafa disciples have already made it possible for a huge group of people to learn the facts of the persecution, and even those people who fell behind at one time because they didn't study the Fa diligently, or weren't steadfast, or had just started studying the Fa when the persecution began, even they have stepped forward again. Before, there really were 100 million people learning Dafa in China, and those people have a lot of family and good friends. Everybody is clarifying the facts, and it's already made a huge group of people aware of how evil the persecution is. So what this means is, there are less and less chances for the evil to control people, there are fewer and fewer people who they can control, and people are believing in the evil's slanderous propaganda less and less, and this has made people more and more disgusted with it, and the evil beings themselves are shrinking in number. This is more than terrifying to the evil beings!

The *** Party has never admitted any of its faults to the people. No matter what awful things they do, no matter how awful it is, they always turn around and say, "Our party has always been right," (audience laughs) and no matter how much of a crisis its regime is in, they always say, "The situation is totally great." (Audience laughs) I'm not trying to start something with the *** Party's regime here. I brought this up because the head of the evil beings that have persecuted us claimed that, "The *** Party has to defeat Falun Gong." But I don't want to defeat you, *** Party, you're not worth it. It's you, *** Party, that has caused your collapse while you have persecuted the people and the masses, and during your persecution you've been encouraging deceit, evil, strife, and corruption, and you've lost the people's hearts. A lot of people have learned the facts and are thinking things over: "The government would even do something that vicious, it will make up anything. Isn't the government awful?" And especially now that the world's people have learned the facts about the Tiananmen Square [self-immolation], people are reflecting on things, they're thinking everything over, like, "Has the *** Party been doing this all along in all of its political campaigns?"

Half of the Chinese people have been persecuted by the *** Party. Before the *** Party's political power was established, as you know, a lot of wealthy people had their homes ransacked and their property divided up, and they were even executed or sent off to prison. The "Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries," the "Three Oppositions and Five Oppositions," the "Campaign to Eliminate Counterrevolutionaries," the "Cultural Revolution"--it persecuted a great number of Chinese people in these many many movements. So when it's all added up, more than half of the Chinese people have been subject to various forms of persecution. The *** Party's deliberate, deviated, soul-twisting propaganda truly caused a sort of deviation in the minds of the Chinese people, whereby the Party and the nation of China were mixed together into being one concept, and that's why in many instances, no matter how bad of a thing the *** Party did, the people always thought the government was right. Yet this time it's different. People are thinking it over.

So looking at it from the current situation, a lot of people in Mainland China are calmly and objectively considering these questions. To the evil, that in itself is plenty enough to pose the biggest threat. The evil elements in various dimensions want to ensure that the wicked head scoundrel in Beijing can do evil, so they sealed Beijing off the tightest. The fact that SARS managed to appear in Beijing, and even managed to break into Zhongnanhai and topple a few of the Politburo Standing Committee members, I'll tell you, this is not a simple matter of an infectious disease like the world's people think it is. That's where the evil seals things off the tightest. The evil has been annihilated to this degree, to the point that it can't even guard its home nest, so Gods have been able to penetrate the center of its evil. (Enthusiastic applause) That head scoundrel took a look and saw that it was all over, so it ran away to Shanghai. It asked people to defend Shanghai with their lives, but what's it talking about? Even ordinary people thought it was irrational--how do you "defend it with your life"? The disease is precisely going after your lives. It won't work even if you use a gun to shoot it, (Audience laughs) and even atomic bombs are useless. (Audience laughs) Actually, those words were said with an awareness. That's because it's not human, and inside its human skin are wicked rotten spirits, it was those spirits talking--the home nest has been lost, so it wants people to defend Shanghai to the death. Could it be defended successfully? Even the home nest that you sealed off the tightest was penetrated, could Shanghai be defended? Immediately SARS sprung up all over Shanghai. "Cover it up!" But what it's covering up now aren't the figures that were collected. It doesn't collect the numbers anymore. It told the subordinate officials, "Wherever SARS pops up, the official in charge there will be immediately dismissed." So no officials dare to report it. Just like that, SARS "disappeared." It doesn't matter in the least to the head scoundrel how many people die, all that matters is sustaining its own self. So now the evil doesn't dare to stay in Shanghai either, and it's scurrying around from place to place. (Audience laughs) Then looking at it from this situation, those evil factors can't hold up anymore, and their situation is hopeless.

Never mind that the evil beings are so rampant, they're all quaking with fear and trepidation, they're afraid. Of course, before being completely cleaned out the wicked beings will still direct evil people to do bad things. The evil people lose all rationality when they're being controlled by the evil, but once they calm down they're afraid. Every phone call from our students shocks them to the point that they can't sleep at night, they're that afraid. And that evil head scoundrel has realized its fate, "Nothing can be done about flowers falling away"--there's nothing it can do. The constant escalation of the persecution of Falun Gong has left them with no way out. Step by step they escalated things, and they've been anxious to suppress it and beat it down in one shot, so they never left a way out for themselves. The deceitful propaganda is still constantly being cranked out, and they have no way to explain themselves to the Chinese people, they have no way to explain themselves to people around the world, and the Chinese government has always been spreading lies to deceive the public, fabricating rumors, making up false news, and causing the deaths of so many common, mainstream people through persecution. How wicked--could this regime still be allowed to exist? Faced with a future society that has a complete system of law, those people can't escape justice! (Enthusiastic applause) Could they not be afraid? They're afraid.

Of course, all of this, whether you're talking about the persecution or the evil going towards its demise, this thing isn't finished. So as Dafa disciples you can't let down your guard in validating the Fa, and we should do it even more diligently. And for those of you who haven't done well or who stepped forward late, for you especially, you must seize the final chance to do well, because when there's really no more evil this affair will come to an end.

If this thing hadn't happened, then as far as Dafa disciples are concerned, I would have completely settled through positive means all of the past favors and old scores that Dafa disciples would have met with during their cultivation, as well as the various troubles, and longstanding past relationships and old scores, of the sentient beings of every variety that I have encountered during the Fa-rectification. Yet this persecution did happen, and it's true that some people did poorly and acted unacceptably, so since you didn't do well, you should seize the day and make up for the losses caused by your not doing well. You're Dafa disciples, so if you want to do well going forward you need to focus on cultivation more.

Each one of the three things that Dafa disciples should do is very important. Everything of your Consummation in individual cultivation is intertwined with your validating the Fa, so you have to do well, and you have to find and overcome your shortcomings in the course of Fa-rectification. Why is it that the students who live in some areas cooperate well, while the students in some other areas don't cooperate so well? You can't say that it's because we have special agents there causing interference or blame it on this or on that. Actually, I talked about this long ago: When your minds are very righteous, a special agent wouldn't dare to stay where you are. He only has two options. One is to be assimilated by the righteous field, since the pure and righteous field that Dafa disciples give off purges everything that's bad in a person's mind. The pure, righteous field would disintegrate it, disintegrate everything that's unrighteous in the person's consciousness, and that's another manifestation of salvation and a reflection of compassion. When everything bad in a person's consciousness has been disintegrated and he's only left with a simple, pure mind, then that person will recognize and appreciate what's upright and good. So hasn't he been assimilated? Then the other option is to run away as quickly as he can, because the bad person's thought karma and bad concepts are afraid of being disintegrated.

So why is it that some people are able to pry their way into where we are? Of course, there really aren't many of them. And why is it that during those times some people still provide the evil with information? It's because our field isn't pure and righteous in those places, and it's not able to have the effect of saving sentient beings and rescuing lives. It can't shock the evil. Isn't that our own problem?! Still, though, some people go on and on about it, talking about which ones are special agents and about this person or that person. But isn't it a problem on our part? It is. So from now on you should do better in studying the Fa, and that way your righteous thoughts will be stronger and you'll have a greater ability for saving sentient beings.

Also, we often have some students who talk irresponsibly. When there are different opinions, instead of looking at things positively and calmly, they throw out a few cold words and just shove aside what other people have to offer. Bringing out good ideas and cooperating with each other with care is the right thing to do. And especially when it comes to doing certain things as a whole you should cooperate with each other even better. It's just like bringing that evil, head scoundrel to court this time, it requires everyone's cooperation, and you have voices echoing from all around the world. So looking at it that way, your cooperation has been quite powerful. I think it's been pretty good recently, but there are still areas to improve on.

What do I mean by "areas to improve on"? Yesterday a student asked me, "Master, why has the United Nations Human Rights Commission turned into what it has? The U.S. brought up China's human rights problems several times but each time its efforts were voted down, and in the end nobody would even bring up the topic. Later on, even the chair position was assumed by a government that seriously violates human rights." We should think things over calmly, and sometimes we really can end up seeing things clearly. It's not that the righteous elements have stopped working. It's that sometimes it's easy for the old forces to take advantage of the gaps in what we do. For example, when we do things a lot of us use human thinking to come up with ideas, and you've been trying everything you can to end this persecution and you want to have ordinary people end it. Some people think, "Why doesn't the U.S. use force to get rid of the evil scoundrel regime? Why doesn't it go to war?" And some think, "There are so many democratic countries in the world. Why don't they raise their voices? What's the United Nations doing now?" And that's how things look on the surface. But actually, I can tell you what that reflects: We're too dependent on human beings. If human beings were to end the persecution, what a disgrace that would be to Dafa disciples! We wouldn't have validated the Fa, we wouldn't have established mighty virtue in the persecution, and our Dafa disciples wouldn't have blazed their own path. I've said that this path is to be left for the future. Then isn't this matter critical? That's how the old forces have been able to take advantage of the gaps. You placed your hopes in ordinary people, so the old forces had the resolution that they sponsored voted down. And as you kept putting your hopes in ordinary people they made it so that your resolution couldn't even be raised and so that the U.S. was kicked out of the Human Rights Commission. You still placed your hopes in ordinary people, so they made a country that violates human rights the chair. We should become more rational by learning from these lessons. We've gone through so much, and through these lessons we should gradually get clearheaded.

So as for your suing the head scoundrel this time, I've been observing and watching you. When I discovered certain problems I told some individual Dafa disciples, "We can't be too attached to ordinary people." If we truly bring it to court, if we truly manage to sue it successfully, if we're truly able to push this thing forward, then it will have been done by our Dafa disciples. Wherever there's a problem, that is where we should go clarify the facts--judges, lawyers, and the various people involved in the suit are all people we should clarify the facts to. Once the human minds are rectified, the court will stand on the side of justice. Then won't it be our Dafa disciples doing that? Won't it result from Dafa disciples validating the Fa? Won't it be the accomplishment of Dafa disciples? You can't call it ordinary people validating the Fa, it's Dafa disciples walking their own path. That's the little bit that makes things different. (Teacher laughs) I've been watching this. Don't let the old forces take advantage of any gaps.

Actually, speaking from another angle, being able to bring the evil to court and being able to sue it, I can tell you, that's because the evil has decreased to such an extent. It no longer has the ability to deal with things. It's too occupied to take care of anything beyond ensuring its own life. You've seen how one after another the cases you filed have been accepted and successfully litigated. That's telling. But some of you are still thinking, "What's going on?" It isn't about something going on. It's just that the evil is on its way down. July 20th of 1999 was when the evil was starting to peak, and it peaked sometime around 2000 and 2001, and now it's falling back down, falling down toward the bottom.

Eradicating Falun Gong around the world is something the evil no longer dares to even dream about. They already know it's impossible to eradicate Falun Gong in Mainland China, and what's more, people are waking up. But they've backed themselves into a corner and there's no way they can turn back now. They keep escalating things and keep piling on more and more accusations. They've placed themselves up so high and their tactics are so outrageous that they couldn't climb down even if a ladder was set up for them. They can't climb down, but they can't keep standing either, so they're going to fall. Before this persecution Dafa was spread by word of mouth, and it didn't have too much of an impact in the international community. But as this persecution takes place it's constantly enhancing the reputation and name recognition of Dafa, and constantly pushing it onto the international stage and toward the summit of the human world. This, too, was one of the old forces' objectives in arranging the persecution. Isn't that what's been happening? Humankind is paying more and more attention. People still have a side that is being restrained, but if the restraining elements were eliminated then the attitude the world's people have toward Falun Gong wouldn't be like it is today. It would be similar to the state of mind you had when you first obtained the Fa, where as soon as you opened up this Fa you knew what it was. Right now the inner meaning of the Fa isn't displayed to more of the world's people, so people can't see it. That is because that's something reserved for the next stage. If the future people were to obtain the Fa, and blend and mix in with our Dafa disciples today, a lot of things would be hard to handle. So I haven't made too much of an effort to push that forward. But a lot of people are studying the Fa, are cultivating, and are entering Dafa. That's in fact establishing a foundation for the future. They are the future cultivators, and for that reason, that too is an aspect of Dafa disciples' saving sentient beings.

Looking at the overall situation, that's in fact how things are at present. Don't overlook any of the things that Dafa disciples do. Your every word, every flyer, every keystroke, every telephone call, and every letter is having a huge impact. Beings that have come to understand the facts become mobile media, and they too clarify the facts. It's had a big impact on society. You, too, have seen the accomplishments and the side of yours that's powerful. So going forward, Dafa disciples should still do these three things: Cultivate yourselves well, clarify the facts, and send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil.

There's another thing. As I just said, right now the evil elements have been destroyed to the point that very few are left. The evil elements I'm talking about are those messed up and strange beings in other dimensions. They're all really low-level, yet they come from different colossal firmament systems and have piled up here. They're there when you open up one dimension, and they're there when you open up another, so purging them is done in one level after another. Sometimes you wonder, "Why's there more after I clear them away, and why's there still more after I clear those away?" That's how it is. Also, they're being destroyed as a whole, so their total number is decreasing, and they're decreasing in different dimensional levels and planes.

There's another thing that I've never told you before, and that's because I couldn't talk about it too early on, and Master does these things in order. When I tell you to eliminate and oppose the old forces, I mean you should completely oppose the persecution and destroy those elements. We have in fact done that, and we've been destroying them. We've also annihilated in large quantities those evil beings that were used by the old forces, and the overall Fa-rectification has gotten nearer and nearer, it's annihilating the evil from top to bottom on a large scale, and you're also annihilating the evil at different levels and planes by sending righteous thoughts. And then there's a final type of element. What type of element is it? You know, I give you automatic mechanisms for increasing gong and other elements such as the Falun. Also, my Law Bodies are personally looking after Dafa disciples, and my Law Bodies appointed some Gods who can truly assist with Fa-rectification to help. But, the old forces have systematically arranged their elements, too, and in that way they specifically arranged everything they wanted. So this has put every student under the influence of specific arrangements by the old forces, and under the influence of those old force beings. Those beings that the old forces arranged to do specific things aren't those messed up, low-level spirit or rotten ghost kind of beings that I've talked about. There are Buddhas, Daos and Gods among them, though they're all of low levels, and here at this lowest level that is the human world they're doing things given to them by the old forces. They manifest in tiny sizes, and sometimes you see them as a shiny little flash of light that darts across. The old forces arranged even more of them around me. But I've been eliminating them in large quantities.

So how do they act? They have no views of their own. It's as if their sole purpose is to complete their missions. Whatever the old forces arranged for them to do back then, they do that to the end. They can hear whatever Fa I teach but they refuse to change. They won't rest until they finish what they want to do. That's because they think just like the old forces do, they think that they are doing Fa-rectification, that they're Gods, and that they need to complete the old forces' decrees, and they want to keep doing that. At present, even though the old forces have been eliminated and the remaining rotten spirits at the lowest levels can no longer have that much of an effect, many forms of interference, many elements of persecution, the persecution that's manifesting in different regions in Mainland China, and the deceitful propaganda, those are all the result of their controlling wicked people's minds. As your Master, I don't acknowledge them at all. They can't see anything that I truly want to do, so they mess around and mess around inside before my Fa-rectification arrives, and they've come up with a set of things. Once the Fa-rectification arrives I'll completely purge them and everything they've done, instantly re-creating things that are truly of the future. The old beings can't see the process that's after the Fa-rectification, and that's because they belong to the past, so they can't see the future. They can't see the things of the future cosmos, so they're stubbornly attached to what they want, and they've been doing those things all along. So, for us to not acknowledge anything that the old forces are doing, to not acknowledge the persecution and interference with the Fa-rectification, to have the persecution end sooner, and to walk our own paths, we can't do that without purging this form of interference of theirs, for they want to complete the tasks given to them by the old forces.

From the perspective of the overall Fa-rectification, they've committed extremely grievous sins and done great evil. Even though the old forces have been fundamentally eliminated, those that do specific things also have to be eliminated. They're the old forces' real behind-the-scenes helpers, and they're attached to everything they're doing. I've said many times that the evil beings and the old forces have taken advantage of the time before the Fa-rectification arrives and the gaps created by high-level cosmic bodies coming down, and have thrust upon me karma and the rotten matter in the cosmos and the human world, and they've wanted to have me endure all of it and eliminate it. I tell them, "You will be held accountable for everything you're doing." They don't pay it any heed, and say, "You jumped into the dung pit, so how could your body be free of dung?" What they mean is: This place is filthy, so how could you come here and not have those things happen to you? This is the extent of the highest understanding of the old forces' wisdom, and it reflects the state of this era's cosmos--that's how they all see things. But what they couldn't anticipate was, whatever I encounter in Fa-rectification--and this includes everything in Fa-rectification that's not what I wanted but was forced--that's the real obstacle to Fa-rectification and the final manifestation of the cosmos's formation-stasis-degeneration. They say that this material dimension is filthy, but, this dimension's filthiness is caused by the differences among the levels of the cosmos's structure. That doesn't truly count as being filthy. So when a God comes here and can't go back, it's not because that filth can't be washed off, but because the realm of his being has been lowered. It's because of the influence of various different concepts and different beings in the cosmos that they can't go back. So what's really polluting me, creating trouble for me, bringing the Fa-rectification trouble, and persecuting Dafa disciples is actually not those filthy elements here but is the cosmos's beings' warped concepts manipulating those elements. Those low-level elements are resistance that the old forces specifically produced, and they have brought about those cases of persecution and different forms of trouble. That's the real pollution. So when they say, "You jumped into the dung pit, so how could your body be free of dung?" the dung is not the difficulty or the obstacle, in actuality the real dung is precisely those old forces and all of the beings that try to force something on the Fa-rectification. So the real impediment to the Fa-rectification is them. It's precisely those so-called beings of high realms that have manipulated low-level beings to do their bidding, regarded beings inside the Three Realms as completely worthless, and are the cause of the many elements of difficulty for the beings that came down in the past and couldn't return.

So as I told you in the past, I've said that I knew I was bound to encounter difficulties in the Fa-rectification, and I knew to what extent that would happen. I was actually telling you that everything was under control. In fact I was saying that I knew they would do these things and that the old forces would show up. The cosmos is no longer good enough, so they were going to do those things. Everything that they're attached to, everything that they've arranged, and everything that they want--all these things were inevitable. Righteous Gods of course wouldn't behave like the low-level, bad beings that recklessly do evil things. They of course all act in a good way. But that goodness is warped, and there are attachments behind the goodness. Also, precisely because of their good behavior, the obstacles they've created are the most effective at deceiving both themselves and others. If it weren't for Fa-rectification it really would be hard to break through those things.

So to thoroughly eliminate all the evil elements, from now on when Dafa disciples send righteous thoughts they should completely clean out those old forces' behind-the-scenes helpers, meaning, eliminate them. They're specifically carrying out everything that the old forces want to have done. Only after they're eliminated can more sentient beings be saved, and my Law Bodies and the righteous Gods who truly uphold Dafa will be able to look after things comprehensively. Start to completely eliminate them. The majority of them are at a low level and directly control rotten spirits. It's very easy to eliminate them since their levels are rather low, but they are hiding inside the most surface dimension.

What I just told you is very important. From now on when we send righteous thoughts, the most important thing is targeting them and the remaining rotten spirits that disrupt the Fa. Of course, just keep sending righteous thoughts like you did before. Now that I've talked about it, you know about it, and having a clear objective when you send righteous thoughts will do. There's no need to think about things that are too specific. Have this objective in mind: Completely end the old forces' involvement. (Enthusiastic applause)

The reason I didn't tell you this too early on is that previously the old forces' whole system and the low-level beings had created very complicated elements, and if they were cleaned out along with all kinds of messed up beings these things would get really chaotic. Now is the right time. I've also arranged righteous Gods and my Law Bodies to completely take over, watch them fully, prevent them from disrupting things and make sure that no problems come up.

Another thing is, a lot of people in the audience are from other countries, and a lot of people have positions of responsibility. When Dafa disciples validate the Fa, it doesn't matter which country or region you're in, or which ethnic group you belong to--there are no such distinctions among Dafa disciples. You're all one body. For those of you in the audience who are of the yellow race, your soul might not be that type of being. If you're a Caucasian, you might not truly be a Caucasian. In other words, during cultivation you shouldn't be attached to those things, those things don't matter. So you should cooperate well with each other. Right now Dafa disciples are becoming more and more clearheaded because they've experienced so much and they're becoming more and more rational, so when you work together you're much more in harmony than before. The better you cooperate with each other as a whole the more powerful you are, and the more powerful you are the greater your impact. As a matter of fact, during the persecution and as you validate the Fa, what you see in the human world is pretty calm. But in other dimensions the influence is huge, and the impact is huge. Every time you have an event there's a big battle between good and evil in the heavens. Of course, the evil has become less and less now, and it's as if they're being swept away. But of course, as long as the evil still exists it's going to cause harm. We cannot let our guard down, and we still need to cooperate even better and communicate with each other often.

Walk the last leg of the Dafa disciples' journey well! More will be said in the future. I don't want to say too many things just for the sake of complimenting you, and I don't want to praise you too much. You're all Dafa disciples so Master gets straight to the point in talking about anything. I'm not going to say more at this conference since you need to eat lunch in a bit. (Long, enthusiastic applause)

Future Great Enlightened Beings, (Master smiles) in this final phase of validating the Fa establish your greatest mighty virtue! (Long, enthusiastic applause)

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